Julie Ford

Regional Feature: J. William Construction

In Bloomfield Hills is a French Country Traditional home with fascinating design elements in every room. To build this exclusive respite, the homeowners partnered with Jeff Dotson of J. William Construction, and together they created an exceedingly detailed home that combines old favorites with new inspiration.

Regional Feature: Annette’s Construction and Seawalls

Centrally located in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula is the village of Shepherd, where Mike and Annette Florian have owned Annette’s Construction and Seawalls since 1989. From contemporary to log, Florian and his team build custom homes of various designs throughout Michigan and beyond. One log home in particular -- his own -- reveals his limitless creativity and craftsmanship.

Idlewild, Michigan

The combination of oppression and a business deal laid the foundation for Idlewild, the most popular black resort in the Midwest from 1912 to 1964.

Natural Fixes for Yard Issues

Erosion, drainage issues, an ugly fence, unattractive utility areas - these are just a few of the eyesores homeowners may face when buying or maintaining a home. With a little know-how, there are natural ways to remedy annoying landscape concerns.

Summer Soil Prep

For plants to thrive, knowing when to water and how much sun is needed is only part of the story. Growing healthy fruits, vegetables, flowers, shrubs, grasses, and trees requires a solid foundation of soil – an often misunderstood and overlooked requirement for creating beautiful gardens and landscapes.

Lines, Circles, and Wheels, Oh My! Synchronized Skating – A Feast for the Eyes!

Figure skating is one of America’s favorite sports, and the categories of singles, pairs, and ice dancing have been televised for decades. But there’s a lesser-known form called synchronized skating, and the public has a rare opportunity to watch it live as two Michigan cities host major competitions this winter.