Looking Up

The only downfall in a basement can be those acoustic drop ceiling tiles often found in your average basement. Now you can update those eyesores with aesthetically pleasing styles that take your recreation space from bland to grand.

Making New Out of Old: Simple Ways to Refresh Your Tile

Tile, while durable, may be outdated or not to the current homeowner's taste. Fortunately, there are many ways it can be updated that don’t require a total gut and redo, opening up a wide variety of options for floors, backsplashes, and more.

Old Plaster Walls?

Plaster wall repair, for example, is not completed in the same way that you’d handle drywall repair. With some know-how, simple plaster cracks can be seamlessly repaired, restoring walls to their original grandeur.


Bavarian Blacksmith Experience

Decades later, Josh A. Weston became the fan-favorite champion on the History Channel’s Forged in Fire and appeared in several seasons. Today, he shares his forging talent and enthusiasm with the public at the Bavarian Blacksmith Experience in Frankenmuth. 

Michigan’s World-Class Summer Arts Programs

Organizations like the Michigan Youth Arts Association, the Michigan Art Education Association, and the Northwest Michigan Arts and Culture Network help students, artists, arts leaders, and arts organizations connect to their creative communities and bring enhanced exposure and importance to the arts. Look about you and discover why creatives of all ages find their artistic home in Michigan.

Classic Cars: Sharing the Love

Classic cars and their collectors abound in Michigan. After all, we’re the automotive capital of the world. But what happens when folks take that passion a step further?

Real Estate in the Time of COVID

In a year filled with angst, it is no surprise that the buying and selling of homes, an emotional experience at the best of times, wasn’t spared turmoil.


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