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I Have This Thing With Floors

These inspiring new and unexpected flooring alternatives will elevate the ground you walk on. Basic floors don’t come close to comparing with these eye-catching, durable, and simply luxurious flooring materials.

Current Trends in Interior Design

The interior design industry is very similar to the fashion industry; colors, fabrics, prints, accessories -- even investment pieces like furniture -- all go in and out of style.

Home Staging to Sell

Home staging isn’t a new concept, but it has become an important part of today’s home selling strategy.

Shut the Front Door

Your front door:  It’s a first impression, an open welcome to your home. It can boost your home’s curb appeal and set the tone for your home’s style.


Mackinac Island’s Spectacular Lilacs

Billowing boughs of purple, pink, and white lilacs signal warmer weather has arrived on Mackinac Island.

The Thrill of an Escape Room

Imagine being locked in a room without a key. The only form of escape is solving a series of puzzles to find a solution to a fictitious circumstance…all before time runs out!

Relax and Ride!

There’s another way to get around, and it’s growing in popularity: to take a train or bus.

Raw Materials: Michigan’s Natural (and Unnatural) Diamonds in the Rough

Sprinkled along the shores of the Great Lakes are clues into Michigan's geological past in the form of stones. If you've ever harvested...