Woodard Furniture: A Legacy in Owosso

The Woodard family is credited for handcrafting the first wrought iron furniture of its kind. This led to the creation of casual cast and tubular aluminum furniture designs for both indoor and outdoor environments. Their Orleans Collection, launched in 1940, holds the titles for the best-selling and longest-running design.

Dressing a Small Window

Like many architectural features that help to define a home, windows come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Though smaller styles may be a better fit for certain settings, covering them can call for a little creativity.


Flowers, Beautiful Flowers

Beautiful blooms can elevate any celebration, but this is especially true for wedding flowers, which can make a major décor statement on the big day.

Special and Delicious! Fortunato No. 4

How about chocolate that gets its start from white cacao beans that travel by people-power, burro, motorcycle, and boat from Peru to Switzerland; chocolate that is sold by only a handful of approved premier chocolatiers around the United States, with only one located in the state of Michigan?  

(Close to) Home for the Honeymoon

Budget-friendly ideas so you can have your cake and eat it too. You’ve gotten through all the work and expense of planning a wedding and the excitement of the day itself and can’t wait to relax with your sweetie.

Travel Belize

Belize has it all. For the adventurer, wild jungles and underwater caves abound. Beach bums can relax on miles of pristine coastline and enjoy some of the best snorkeling in the world. History buffs revel in the Mayan ruins. There’s fishing, flavorful food, and friendly people.


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