Country Chic

Though warm and welcoming are at the core of quintessential country interiors, this classic category can rise to a higher level with a more polished take on the original.

Looking for Space: Attic Renovations

A thoughtful attic remodel will create customized space and may increase resale value while allowing you to stay in your current neighborhood and not have to uproot the kids from school.

Grout Lines

As with many home design-related effects, there are some exciting changes occurring in the world of grout.


Michigan Destination Weddings

The lure of beautiful lakefronts, islands, orchards, and urban rooftops has many couples dreaming of their ideal wedding location. Often, that site isn’t around the corner or down the street and requires travel to a beautiful locale outside their area.

Building a Family Tree

Genealogy and building family trees can be both challenging and frustrating, but it’s a way to grow closer to your roots and document them for future generations. That may be rewarding enough.


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