Sweet En Suite

Today, most homeowners desire a master bedroom en suite, a quiet place to wind down from the challenges we all face in a typical day. A bathroom connected to the bedroom creates something of an oasis from the daily activities in the common areas of a home. But separation and privacy are only half the equation for creating a retreat.

Game Day Ready

For family men, especially - but, really, for any sports enthusiast - having a space all your own, decorated exactly the way you want it, doesn’t happen very often. But it’s good to have a place to unwind, somewhere you can relax and hang with friends and family. Keep reading for tips on how to make the ultimate space ready to host your game-day activities.

A Wholistic Approach to Great Design

Great design creates a cohesive look throughout the home, not room by room. Take your initial inspiration and color palette for your home and stay focused on that vision.


Southern Charm on a Mississippi River Cruise

For our multigenerational vacation, we chose American Cruise Lines, which offers a variety of travel options like Mississippi River Cruises. Their authentic paddlewheelers are reminiscent of the days of Mark Twain, who drew plenty of inspiration from the historic waterway. Recent fleet additions include a modern riverboat that also cruises the Mississippi.

Travel Spain

Starting in San Sebastian, I walked through almost 30 towns on my way to Santiago. I was struck by the large and unoccupied swaths of land I passed, many of which had beautiful but abandoned houses or villas on the property.

Dogs Who Serve Their Humans

It’s impossible to describe Tonya Christiansen without using “dog” and “expert.” The owner of Must Love Dogs in Grand Haven fosters and rehabilitates dogs for three rescue groups, and she and her beloved buddy, Talco, are a team certified through Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD).

Notable Michiganders

Here’s a (very) short list of some made-in-Michigan folks who changed lives with their creativity, passion, and drive.