What is LVT?

The look, feel, and quality of vinyl has gotten so impressive that we see LVT installed everywhere. Available in a large range of sizes, colors, and prices, it’s suitable for installations both in fine luxury homes and in high-traffic commercial buildings.

Decorating with Textiles

What are Textiles? In interior design, the term “textile” refers to any product that’s woven or made of fibers or fabric. Fabric, area rugs, carpeting, and tapestries are all textiles that bring warmth, visual interest, comfort, and acoustical dampening qualities to a room.

Three Stand-Out 2019 Lighting Trends

From new finishes to new inspirations, to products that typically aren't even considered to be lighting, there are many notable design trends in today’s lighting market. Here’s a roundup of three notable trends that are “in” for 2019 and beyond.

Accent Walls

Though there are endless ways to enhance your home with distinctive details, accent walls add an instant wow factor wherever they land. This artistic approach can be achieved with a variety of materials, from wallpaper and paint to tile and wood. Whatever you select to make a statement, your efforts will result in a fabulous focal point.


Bring on the Sun

For some, winter’s gloom results in sadness and lethargy that, when severe enough, can be diagnosed as seasonal affective disorder, or SAD.

Wedding Cakes: Bold or Traditional?

Weddings. From the styled attire of the loving couple to the carefully picked florals, the sweet melodies to the delicious catered meals, and everything in between, these joyous events display plenty of beauty for the senses to feast upon, with one of the most celebrated highlights being the tailored confection known as the wedding cake.

Making Plans for the Perfect Day

The couple settled on an intimate list of about 70 and chose three bridesmaids and two groomsmen. They opted for simple, classic elegance, hired a guitar player for the ceremony, and held the reception on the gorgeous Stonecliffe grounds.

The Benefits of a Travel Agent in a Do-It-Yourself World

In the US, nearly two-thirds of traditional travel tours and packages are booked through an agent, and over 70 percent of cruisers opt to work with a professional. The travel agent community is thriving because of the personal service and knowledge agents bring to their clients. So why does it still make sense to work with a travel agent?