A Wholistic Approach to Great Design

Great design creates a cohesive look throughout the home, not room by room. Take your initial inspiration and color palette for your home and stay focused on that vision.


Chances are you’ve seen jaali but never knew it by name. It has been a common architectural detail in Hindu temples and Islamic buildings since the 14th century. Jaali translates as “net” and refers to perforated surfaces or latticed screens, typically with an ornamental geometric pattern.

What is Boho?

Bohemian style or “boho” emerged in the late ‘60s as influences from Africa and the Far East became popular in interior design as well as in clothing. The style is embraced by people who appreciate the vibrancy of multiple cultures and celebrate a world view.


Idlewild, Michigan

The combination of oppression and a business deal laid the foundation for Idlewild, the most popular black resort in the Midwest from 1912 to 1964.

Books for Miles

In a modern world where bookstores are scarce and facing extinction, there remains a relic, of sorts, in Detroit that is worth an afternoon’s visit.

Sailing the Great Lakes

Today, these endeavors are evident in the burgeoning traffic of the Great Lakes shipping industry, while the historical sacrifices are exemplified by thousands of wrecks below.

Cut Your Own Blooms

Found across Michigan, U-pick flower farms are a growing industry that allows customers to hand-pick their ideal custom bouquet. U-pick’s appeal is not only in the variety and quantity of flowers that are available, it’s also attractive to those who love flowers but don’t have the garden space, know-how, or time to grow their own.


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