Memories Matter

Memories are an important part of our lives – they make up who we are and help tell our stories. Often, the memories and sentimental feelings attached to objects we own make it difficult to part with these cherished belongings.

CSA Co-ops

Whether you have just one belly to fill or an entire household of bellies, grocery shopping is a chore that regularly tops the to-do list. Luckily, there are plenty of convenient ways to restock the kitchen these days, from online ordering to subscribing to a boxed meal kit service such as Blue Apron or Imperfect Foods.

A Cherry On Top

It all began with a love of stickers. Kristin Singer was a Michigan mother of five and avid scrapbooker looking for a way to turn her passion into a business.

Rack ‘Em Up!

Did you know that Michigan and the Midwest both have a long history involving pool tables and the game of pool? The first-ever match with admission tickets sold was played in 1859 in Detroit at Fireman’s Hall. The winner, Michael Phelan, defeated Jim Seereiter and won $15,000.

Restoring the Monarchs

The golden amber tone of monarch butterfly wings is one of the highlights of Michigan summers. Many of us enjoy watching their distinctive flight as they flutter through the sky, looking for the perfect landing spot. Unfortunately, these jewel-colored beauties have been in decline. In just two decades, the population has dropped to an estimated 3.6% of what it once was. The Michigan population went from 384 million in 1996 to just 14 million in 2013. 


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