Chances are you’ve seen jaali but never knew it by name. It has been a common architectural detail in Hindu temples and Islamic buildings since the 14th century. Jaali translates as “net” and refers to perforated surfaces or latticed screens, typically with an ornamental geometric pattern.

What is Boho?

Bohemian style or “boho” emerged in the late ‘60s as influences from Africa and the Far East became popular in interior design as well as in clothing. The style is embraced by people who appreciate the vibrancy of multiple cultures and celebrate a world view.

Double-Duty Furnishings

One way to maximize your space and get the most from your furnishings is with multifunctional furniture pieces. Whether you opt for custom creations or readily available styles, these high performers can help around the house by providing flexibility in function.

Innovative Indoors

Monkey bars, climbing ropes, gymnastic rings, and even swings can be added to your indoor playground paradise. Just be sure to secure each apparatus from the ceiling joists in order to properly support your child’s weight! The walls of a room can also be of use, especially if climbing them piques an interest. That’s right! Scattered all over the internet are ways to create your own indoor rock climbing wall.

Dreaming of a Mid-Century Modern

While never losing favor with its myriad enthusiasts, the clean-lined crisp aesthetic of the Mid-Century Modern movement popular in the U.S. from the mid-‘40s to the mid-‘70s is enjoying a huge resurgence in the 2010s. Interestingly, some of its biggest fans weren’t even born during its heyday.

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