What is LVT?

The look, feel, and quality of vinyl has gotten so impressive that we see LVT installed everywhere. Available in a large range of sizes, colors, and prices, it’s suitable for installations both in fine luxury homes and in high-traffic commercial buildings.

Decorating with Textiles

What are Textiles? In interior design, the term “textile” refers to any product that’s woven or made of fibers or fabric. Fabric, area rugs, carpeting, and tapestries are all textiles that bring warmth, visual interest, comfort, and acoustical dampening qualities to a room.

Accent Walls

Though there are endless ways to enhance your home with distinctive details, accent walls add an instant wow factor wherever they land. This artistic approach can be achieved with a variety of materials, from wallpaper and paint to tile and wood. Whatever you select to make a statement, your efforts will result in a fabulous focal point.

An Inviting Kitchen

Building or remodeling and furnishing a kitchen takes a great deal of effort and a big portion of your budget. It would be comforting to know that, once complete, your kitchen design will last the test of time and look good for many years to come. Ideally, you would not want to be able to pinpoint a particular moment in design and be able to tie it to your kitchen.

Sweet En Suite

Today, most homeowners desire a master bedroom en suite, a quiet place to wind down from the challenges we all face in a typical day. A bathroom connected to the bedroom creates something of an oasis from the daily activities in the common areas of a home. But separation and privacy are only half the equation for creating a retreat.

Game Day Ready

For family men, especially - but, really, for any sports enthusiast - having a space all your own, decorated exactly the way you want it, doesn’t happen very often. But it’s good to have a place to unwind, somewhere you can relax and hang with friends and family. Keep reading for tips on how to make the ultimate space ready to host your game-day activities.

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