Special and Delicious! Fortunato No. 4

How about chocolate that gets its start from white cacao beans that travel by people-power, burro, motorcycle, and boat from Peru to Switzerland; chocolate that is sold by only a handful of approved premier chocolatiers around the United States, with only one located in the state of Michigan?  

Travel Belize

Belize has it all. For the adventurer, wild jungles and underwater caves abound. Beach bums can relax on miles of pristine coastline and enjoy some of the best snorkeling in the world. History buffs revel in the Mayan ruins. There’s fishing, flavorful food, and friendly people.

Select the Best Realtor for You

Buying and selling a home is often the biggest financial decision an individual will make, so choosing the right realtor can be critical. And yet, according to the National Association of Realtors, 52 percent of first-time homebuyers find a realtor through a friend, and two-thirds contact only one agent before proceeding with their real estate transactions.

Out and About: Spread Goodness Day

Anna Dravland wanted to bring a little goodness to her community. As a public relations consultant for Travel Marquette, Dravland was well versed in community relations and media platforms. She decided to use her expertise to create Spread Goodness Day, a day set aside for schools, communities, and individuals to share kindness.

Can’t Get Enough of That Crunch! Michigan Made Potato Chips

Whether you partake regularly or savor them as a special indulgence, are a purist, or have more exotic tastes, chances are there’s a part of you that loves a good potato chip. Michigan is certainly no lazy spud when it comes to production of the tasty morsels. Chip factories are spread across the state, some small, specialized, and regional, and others serving a national audience.

Written in the Mitten, Take Two

Motown music, Traverse City cherries, and our 3,288 miles of scenic shoreline are all points of pride, but let’s not discount the increasingly impressive literary life of Michigan.We’ve featured accomplished authors in a past issue. Here are a few more shining – and rising – stars for your consideration.

Happy Campers

There’s a Yale psychology class that was the most popular course ever.  It's called “The Science of Well-Being,” and it is a class designed to teach people how to be happy. It turns out that what we think of as “success” – having money, working hard enough, being smart enough to get into an elite Ivy League school, and prestige – isn’t enough. Americans are feeling more unsatisfied and unhappy than ever. In fact, we’re 18th in the world on the U.N.’s “World Happiness Report.”

Endangered Species in Michigan

Here in Michigan, there are many mammal, bird, reptile, and insect species designated as special concern (SC), threatened (T), or endangered (E) on the Michigan Natural Features Inventory and protected under Michigan’s Endangered Species Act. When species have a high risk of extinction in the wild, restoration projects and laws are implemented to revive and protect them.

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