Lines, Circles, and Wheels, Oh My! Synchronized Skating – A Feast for the Eyes!

Figure skating is one of America’s favorite sports, and the categories of singles, pairs, and ice dancing have been televised for decades. But there’s a lesser-known form called synchronized skating, and the public has a rare opportunity to watch it live as two Michigan cities host major competitions this winter.

Glide Like the Wind: Iceboat Sailing

Iceboat sailing, also known as ice yacht sailing, has been a popular winter pastime for many who relish the feel of the wind taking hold of their sails and propelling them across the frozen surface of a lake at breakneck speeds.

Seasonal Celebrations: Use Nature as Inspiration!

Through the years, nature has been a guiding force for her creative soirées, like the garden party she hosted during the summer. “I create the feel with the look,” says Batayneh, who installed wallpaper with a bold floral pattern in the entryway that sets the tone for the entire home.