Wedding Cakes: Bold or Traditional?

Weddings. From the styled attire of the loving couple to the carefully picked florals, the sweet melodies to the delicious catered meals, and everything in between, these joyous events display plenty of beauty for the senses to feast upon, with one of the most celebrated highlights being the tailored confection known as the wedding cake.

Making Plans for the Perfect Day

The couple settled on an intimate list of about 70 and chose three bridesmaids and two groomsmen. They opted for simple, classic elegance, hired a guitar player for the ceremony, and held the reception on the gorgeous Stonecliffe grounds.

The Benefits of a Travel Agent in a Do-It-Yourself World

In the US, nearly two-thirds of traditional travel tours and packages are booked through an agent, and over 70 percent of cruisers opt to work with a professional. The travel agent community is thriving because of the personal service and knowledge agents bring to their clients. So why does it still make sense to work with a travel agent?

Southern Charm on a Mississippi River Cruise

For our multigenerational vacation, we chose American Cruise Lines, which offers a variety of travel options like Mississippi River Cruises. Their authentic paddlewheelers are reminiscent of the days of Mark Twain, who drew plenty of inspiration from the historic waterway. Recent fleet additions include a modern riverboat that also cruises the Mississippi.

Dogs Who Serve Their Humans

It’s impossible to describe Tonya Christiansen without using “dog” and “expert.” The owner of Must Love Dogs in Grand Haven fosters and rehabilitates dogs for three rescue groups, and she and her beloved buddy, Talco, are a team certified through Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD).

The Drink of the Ages

While mead played an important part in the lives of the ancients, many today are surprised to learn that, not only is it still available, it is part of a thriving and growing industry. The number of meaderies in the United States has more than doubled over the last decade as customers are exposed to new takes on this ancient drink.