Bright Future for Retirement-Age Living

If the thought of aging and needing care down the road makes you cringe, you are not alone. With nearly 20% of Michiganders at age 65 and older, that’s almost two million people in the same boat. On the bright side, Michigan offers a few unique communities to make the later years enjoyable for living independently or with assistance.

Improving Your Sleep Hygiene

Science has shown that sleep is restorative to physical and mental health and important to overall quality of life – but what is the best approach to achieving blissful slumber, especially during stressful times? Improving your sleep hygiene may be the answer.

Major Fun at Minor League Sporting Events

For generations, sports have been beloved by people of all ages. Spectators thrill at the competition, marvel at the athletic prowess, and faithfully root for their teams. Sports entertain us — from the parent in the bleachers to the lifelong die-hard fan of a major league team.

Take a Four Day Trip of the UP!

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is so full of enticing scenery and wildlife, it’s hard to know where to start a tour. The Keweenaw Peninsula is a bountiful place of lighthouses, historical towns, rocky coastal cliffs, charming shops, and various regional foods to try. Each sunrise or sunset is a spectacle to cherish on the land above the bridge. Creating an itinerary can be overwhelming, so we’ve put together a plan to guide you.

Michigan’s Cider Coast

And where there are apple growers, hard cider makers are nearby, ready to turn the ripe fruit into delicious craft beverages. A perfect climate for apple growing has turned the state's western side into Michigan’s Cider Coast. Visitors can tour tasting rooms while enjoying spectacular views of the lakes and colorful fall foliage.

Mural, Mural on the Wall

Art sparks conversations wherever it goes, like the outdoor murals found around the Great Lakes State and beyond. From graffiti art and other colorful images in urban areas like Eastern Market in Detroit to small-town tourist stops that offer plenty of photo opportunities, this unique form of expression has come to enhance the natural landscape in a unique way.

Bavarian Blacksmith Experience

Decades later, Josh A. Weston became the fan-favorite champion on the History Channel’s Forged in Fire and appeared in several seasons. Today, he shares his forging talent and enthusiasm with the public at the Bavarian Blacksmith Experience in Frankenmuth. 

Michigan’s World-Class Summer Arts Programs

Organizations like the Michigan Youth Arts Association, the Michigan Art Education Association, and the Northwest Michigan Arts and Culture Network help students, artists, arts leaders, and arts organizations connect to their creative communities and bring enhanced exposure and importance to the arts. Look about you and discover why creatives of all ages find their artistic home in Michigan.

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