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Keep the Critters Out!

Whether a home is new, centennial, or somewhere in between, there can be not-so-obvious entry points for critters such as insects and mice. Before the snow starts piling up, it’s a good idea to locate and seal gaps that can invite these unwanted guests.

How to Disaster-Proof Your Home

We’ve all heard preparedness tips before, but it is never a bad idea to refresh our memories occasionally. Start by making sure that you keep the basics on hand: a first-aid kit, bottled water, canned goods, and other nonperishable food and necessities. And don’t forget pet food, too!

Fall Lawn Care

fall lawn care should begin around Labor Day; it is the perfect time to fight off weeds and grubs that might affect your lawn’s health. Weeds absorb the most nutrients as they prepare for winter dormancy, so spreading an herbicide in the fall has the greatest effect against turf intruders.

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