Colorful Appliances to Match Your Décor

For the last couple of years, we have seen the introduction of black stainless steel in the appliance world, with features such as fingerprint resistance and a smudge-proof finish. With the soft, brushed metal finish, it’s a great alternative in kitchen designs, and it may blend better than stainless steel. Manufacturers are now offering complete suites in black stainless, matte white, or matte black as an alternative to stainless steel at numerous price points for consumers. 

Butcher Block Countertops: What You Need to Know

Why not freshen up with the latest rebirth of butcher block! This trending design element is the perfect affordable surface to bring interest and warmth to a kitchen or craft room. If you’ve decided that butcher block is for you, there are a few tips to help make the most of your choice.

Deconstruction to Reconstruction

Saving history from the wrecking ball has long been the objective of preservationists around the country. And now, thanks to salvage companies and dealers who work with architectural artifacts, homeowners with this same passion are finding new ways to incorporate these pieces of the past into their modern homes.

Breathe New Life into Your Old Floors

While hardwood floors are a ‘must’ for many interested home buyers, they’re not always in tip-top shape. If you’re hoping to restore your historic hardwood floors to their former glory, it’s actually a task most people can do on their own.

How to Introduce Your Personality into Your Home Décor

That means design and décor that are homey to that specific person. What is the best way to do this without creating a space that is a jumble of ideas? How do you turn interests into a cohesive, magazine-worthy home?

Walk-In Wonders

Some residential trends show no signs of slowing down, like the deluxe walk-in closets that have become synonymous with luxurious master suites. Now, as many Michiganders spend more time at home and sort through their belongings, this convenient feature has been more sought-after than ever before.

Ceiling Fans Never Go Out of Season

To me, as a lighting designer, the season changes also mean ceiling fans. In my opinion, they are one of the more under-utilized fixtures in a home. Here’s a look at where to use them, how to size them, what to look for when buying them, and how to use them efficiently for every season.

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