French Door Ovens

If you want to introduce a 5-star restaurant-style appliance into your home, the French door oven is a great way to do it. These super stylish, professionally designed ovens bring phenomenal cooking power to your kitchen. This oven style offers a walk-up experience where you can open both doors with one hand and still hold the cookie sheet with the other.

No Regrets: How to Choose Color for Your Home’s Interior

Choosing a color for your home’s interior living spaces can be overwhelming. With shades and tints of every color under the rainbow, how does one fearlessly pick a paint swatch without hesitation or regret? Interior designer Kat Moore says consumers should think about what colors make them happy and craft a room after those hues.

Carve Out Space for Your Office

Since the start of the pandemic, finding the right spot for a home office has become a common goal for many Michiganders who continue to work remotely and need a space to claim as their own. Here are some ways to get creative within the confines of your current layout for one or more designated areas designed to support productivity throughout the house.

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