Your Office Space Reimagined!

While many are now working from home, a select few are taking it a step further and working productively outside in nature. The mental and physical health benefits of spending time outdoors are well documented and can enhance your work experience as long as the space is carefully selected, planned, and constructed.

You’ve Got Mold!

While an undiscovered mold problem may lead to structural and property damage, there are potential health implications as well. These range from allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and chronic sinus problems to poisoning by mycotoxins and fungal infections. Toxic mold exposure can also cause memory loss, insomnia, anxiety, depression, lack of focus, and confusion.

All That Glistens

While holiday lights get a lot of attention, there’s more than one form of outdoor décor that can set a festive tone around your home this time of year. With some pretty and practical applications, you can let nature take the lead with your festive embellishments.

The Alley Side of Your Home

People frequently drive or stroll by the back of our homes, and our families and good friends usually enter that way. Considering all the “Backdoor Guests are the Best” signs available for purchase online, shouldn’t we make the rear just as beautiful as the front? 

Fire and Water in Landscaping

As the trend of outdoor living continues to gain popularity, homeowners are finding many options available to enhance their outdoor experience through fire and water elements in their landscape.

Reimagining Deep Roots: Re-Tree Saves “Heritage Trees”

Saving mature trees on construction, expansion, and renovation project sites is the worthwhile endeavor of Re-Tree in Pontiac. The start-up is on the “cutting edge” of salvaging trees and other plant material by finding them new homes via a digital marketplace.

Our Eroding Shorelines: Protecting Lakeshore Property

Forecasts for the region in 2020 show higher water levels than those experienced in 2019. We are seeing the highest water levels since 1986, and their effects are being felt by property owners, municipalities, state parks, and the general public in a big way.

A Design Element with Purpose: Pergolas

Pergolas with louvered ceilings and retractable shades are increasingly popular. These structures can be freestanding or attached to a deck or building and are engineered to operate by wireless remote or cell phone. Some use patented smart technology to respond to weather changes automatically.

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