Regional Feature: Let Us, Inc.

“You need to design a house that works with the land,” Harner said. “Trying to put a house on a lot that doesn’t fit or isn’t suitable for the topography doesn’t always turn out well. Sometimes, you have to modify the house to fit the lot better, and you get an overall better project.

Digital Landscape Design for the DIYer

One of the quickest ways to add curb appeal to homes or businesses is landscaping. It can also be extremely costly, starting at about $8,000 to $10,000, depending on what’s to be done. For some, that’s a luxury that isn’t affordable or attainable. What if there was a company who helped you with the design, gave you a template on all the plants needed, told you where to plant them, and drew up a digital design of what your new yard could look like? Well, there is!

No Regrets: How to Choose Color for Your Home’s Interior

Choosing a color for your home’s interior living spaces can be overwhelming. With shades and tints of every color under the rainbow, how does one fearlessly pick a paint swatch without hesitation or regret? Interior designer Kat Moore says consumers should think about what colors make them happy and craft a room after those hues.

Breathe New Life into Your Old Floors

While hardwood floors are a ‘must’ for many interested home buyers, they’re not always in tip-top shape. If you’re hoping to restore your historic hardwood floors to their former glory, it’s actually a task most people can do on their own.

Woodard Furniture: A Legacy in Owosso

The Woodard family is credited for handcrafting the first wrought iron furniture of its kind. This led to the creation of casual cast and tubular aluminum furniture designs for both indoor and outdoor environments. Their Orleans Collection, launched in 1940, holds the titles for the best-selling and longest-running design.

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