Commerce Pointe Gallery in Battle Creek is a unique setting for artists to exhibit their artwork. Started in 1999 by Linda Tafolla, the idea was to place artwork around town in offices that would pay “rent” on the various pieces. The artwork was changed out every two to three months. The idea was well received, but it eventually evolved into using just one location – The Commerce Pointe Building.

Tafolla approached the owner of the building when it was newly renovated, and new tenants were being leased. The owner thought the idea was creative and would help spruce up the otherwise drab white walls of the large office building and The Commerce Pointe Gallery was born.

Over the years, the concept has been well received and features artists from all over Southern and Mid-Michigan. At each unveiling, information on the artist’s background and contact information is posted. All pieces are, of course, for sale.

Tafolla says that locals have come to know this space for the ever-changing artwork and will frequently visit to see what is new. They enjoy strolling around the common area to take in the various works of art.

Throughout the holiday season, Commerce Pointe Gallery will feature the work of artist, Jeanne Fitzgerald from Battle Creek. Fitzgerald is well known for her amazing watercolor landscapes that bring nature to life in dramatic yet peaceful pieces of art. Artists interested in an exhibit at Commerce Pointe Gallery should contact Linda Tafolla with samples of their work and make arrangements for a meeting to review any work not available electronically

Commerce Pointe Gallery 77 E. Michigan Avenue, Battle Creek l (269) 968-7399