Bretty’s, an eclectic folk-art home furnishing and gift store located just east of Jonesville, turned 30 years old on September 1st.

The historic 1854 stone schoolhouse that houses Bretty’s was inherited by Cynthia Broesamle and her husband when her father passed away. The building was in shambles and needed a great deal of restoration work; sunlight was actually shining through the holes in the roof. Regardless, the couple felt strongly that this piece of local history had to be reclaimed and shared with the world. After ten months spent working on the building in their spare time, and with the help of family and friends, it was finally done. Now, what to do with it? Broesamle had always dreamed of having her own business, and with her extensive experience in retail merchandising, a gift and home goods shop seemed to be a natural fit.

Bretty’s has a reputation for being “the” place to find an ever-transforming variety of unique items not found at just any gift store. Broesamle works hard to seek out items from vendors across the Midwest and along the eastern seaboard. The store inventory focuses on American-made products from vendors that have a long-standing relationship with Bretty’s, including the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Plus, she is always on the lookout for new, intriguing, quality products to add to the store’s lineup.

Popular products at Bretty’s include nationally known Red Ware Pottery, handwoven and braided rugs, throw pillows and bedding, table lamps and chandeliers, along with candles and an amazing potpourri Broesamle recently found that reminds her of the one she sold in the store 30 years ago.

With the arrival of each season, the schoolhouse is decked out with as many fun trimmings as possible. October and November bring warm fall colors and pumpkin spice, with a Christmas wonderland soon to follow. Spring and summer are always fun too, especially with Bretty’s extensive line of Americana Folk Art.

Bretty’s is proud to hold to traditions of the past with a relaxed atmosphere for their customers. When entering, you feel the invitation to browse and take time looking in every nook and cranny. In one corner you’ll find lodge-themed products, and in another, a nautical theme. Broesamle says that it doesn’t matter what fads pop up or come and go, she carries products that are timeless and doesn’t buy into fads.

2971 East Sterling Road
Jonesville MI 49250
(517) 849-2477