Birdie, It’s Cold Outside

Nutritious food, warm clothing, fresh water, and a toasty abode are basic necessities to get through a Michigan winter for both humans and wildlife. For the nearly 40 species of birds that prefer a wintry backyard to a long flight for warmer weather, finding a yard with well-stocked feeders, open water, and areas of shelter is paradise.

Festive Holiday Lighting – Tips and Tricks from a Pro

If you’re a new homeowner or are feeling particularly festive this year, you might be considering decorating your own home for others to enjoy during the dark evenings that winter brings. But for some, this is nothing short of a daunting task – where do you start?

Winter’s Wrath

Protecting your Landscape for Springtime Success - As consumers enjoy the spectacular flowers and textures of a lush, mature landscape during the summer months in Michigan, the last thing on their minds is the blustery winter winds sure to arrive a few months later.  It’s during the coldest spells of winter, however, that the success or failure of next year’s lawn and garden is determined. 

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