How to Prevent Wasted Water in Landscaping

Water is an essential element for a healthy outdoor habitat, integral on many levels. Nature’s ecosystems are largely controlled by rainfall patterns. From tropical rainforests to arid deserts, plants and animals are dependent on and sustained by the natural rainwater.

UP Biking Trails: Two Wheels, One Unforgettable Memory

Did you know that Michigan is one of the most bike-friendly states in the country? With over 1,300 miles of biking trails across the Great Lakes state, there are plenty of opportunities for cyclists of any skill level to grab two wheels and create one unforgettable Michigan memory. 

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Out and About: 5 National Parks in Michigan

In the last couple of years, the National Park system has been having a renaissance, with more people than ever getting outside to see the natural wonders. The 423 national park sites across the country are divided into designations like national historic sites, national monuments, national recreation areas, and more, with 63 identified as national parks.

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Restoring the Monarchs

The golden amber tone of monarch butterfly wings is one of the highlights of Michigan summers. Many of us enjoy watching their distinctive flight as they flutter through the sky, looking for the perfect landing spot. Unfortunately, these jewel-colored beauties have been in decline. In just two decades, the population has dropped to an estimated 3.6% of what it once was. The Michigan population went from 384 million in 1996 to just 14 million in 2013. 

Building Community: Huron Pines

One such organization is Huron Pines, a nonprofit located in Gaylord. Since 1973, it has focused on the environmental conservation of lakes, forests, and streams with the ultimate goal of protecting the Great Lakes.

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