What’s Trending in Outdoor Kitchens

Homeowners have found themselves spending more time outdoors in the last year than ever before and are capitalizing on the options available for their outdoor living spaces. Conventional patios and outdoor kitchens have evolved over recent years into living areas with entertainment, shelter capabilities, and ever-increasing amenities.

The Future of Privacy Fencing

Privacy fencing has long been a staple of the American landscape. Whether used for property definition, safety, or screening, its uses are many. Traditional wood fences are economical, but in the last few decades, privacy fencing has been increasingly used as an architectural element in the landscape.

Our Eroding Shorelines: Protecting Lakeshore Property

Forecasts for the region in 2020 show higher water levels than those experienced in 2019. We are seeing the highest water levels since 1986, and their effects are being felt by property owners, municipalities, state parks, and the general public in a big way.

Foundational Design Elements: Line, Form, Color, and Texture

From England’s monolithic Stonehenge rock formations to the extravagant palace gardens of Versailles in France to current-day trends in residential and commercial landscape architecture, the foundational elements of design have remained true over the course of time: line, form, color, and texture.

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