How to Prevent Wasted Water in Landscaping

Water is an essential element for a healthy outdoor habitat, integral on many levels. Nature’s ecosystems are largely controlled by rainfall patterns. From tropical rainforests to arid deserts, plants and animals are dependent on and sustained by the natural rainwater.

Living on the Edge: Bringing Relaxed Spaces to Tricky Terrain

Many waterfront homes feature a hillside between the house and the water's edge. This can be a problematic and attractive attribute at the same time. At first glance, a steep hillside can seem like a grueling landscape design challenge, but what the average homeowner often misses is the beautiful potential it holds.

Retaining Beauty and Function in Your Landscape

A properly designed and built retaining wall can be multifunctional and have a pleasing aesthetic. Its main purpose is to provide stability to soil at risk of erosion and to protect structures from water runoff that could lead to foundation issues.

Foundational Design Elements: Line, Form, Color, and Texture

From England’s monolithic Stonehenge rock formations to the extravagant palace gardens of Versailles in France to current-day trends in residential and commercial landscape architecture, the foundational elements of design have remained true over the course of time: line, form, color, and texture.

Winter’s Wrath

Protecting your Landscape for Springtime Success - As consumers enjoy the spectacular flowers and textures of a lush, mature landscape during the summer months in Michigan, the last thing on their minds is the blustery winter winds sure to arrive a few months later.  It’s during the coldest spells of winter, however, that the success or failure of next year’s lawn and garden is determined. 

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