Writer | Scott Philp – Landscape Logic

Landscapes: On Time, On Budget

Time moves quickly. Memorial Day will arrive sooner than anyone would think, and Michigan summers pass by in the blink of an eye. If you’re not diligent in pursuing your vision for your home’s landscape improvements, that dream can quickly elude you for another season. 

Landscape industry professionals are very knowledgeable in labor capacities, material timelines and weather patterns. Access to designers, contractors and material availability are all  elements that require successful landscape improvement planning. Successful spring landscape projects are often rooted in January and February when homeowners seek out the right team to help bring their plans to fruition. 

Whether you’re seeking a design firm and planning on installing the work yourself or hiring a contractor to install the design, selecting a quality team will bring peace of mind — especially when all parties involved agree on what success looks like.

Landscape improvements can be endless. Homeowners should prioritize them in the early stages of planning. Lifestyle and function improvements, aesthetic improvements, utility improvements and safety improvements are all prime areas to focus on in 2023.

Lifestyle and Function

Your home’s exterior spaces should function as well as the inside spaces do. Custom outdoor living areas are possible when you select the proper design and installation team for your home’s landscape project. Every single element of the work can be tailored to your tastes, preferences, budget and timeline.


Beauty is a foundational element of the landscape — and adding color, texture and form are all great ways to evoke emotions and give a space identity. Aesthetic improvements can be some of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to upgrade or transform the feeling of your home’s exterior space.


Some improvements may not be visible but are the foundation of a showcase landscape. Proper drainage and a well-designed irrigation system are two examples of utility elements that are crucial to a successful landscape. These elements serve as a first step of the improvement process and require a long-term investment perspective on your landscape vision’s success.


A significant landscape upgrade for 2023 may be related to safety. Inconsistent or degrading staircases, drainage issues resulting in pooling water and ice on walkways, loose retaining wall stones that could shift and harm someone, and general tripping hazards in patios and walkways are all elements that can be remedied with good design and sound installation methods. Adding custom hand railings to outdoor landscape staircases is another very common safety upgrade. While many people take safety for granted, it only takes one incident to injure you or your guests. Good design principles will always incorporate safety into outdoor living spaces. 

The gray days of early spring are often less than inspirational but planning your landscaping vision early and ahead of nice weather will pay dividends. Not only are you solidifying what the spring and summer months will look like on your property, but you are also tapping into your creative mindset and dwelling in the beauty and serenity of warmer, more inviting days yet to come. This time of planning can shed positivity and encouragement on a time of the year that may not be the most inspirational for some. 

With labor shortages still hindering the capacity of many landscape design and installation firms, now more than ever is the time to plan ahead. Plan your work and work your plan — waiting until April or May to consider your 2023 landscape project may be too late, resulting in the work starting in August and wrapping up in October. Taking the first few steps to contact and set up an appointment with a landscape design or installation professional while it is still gloomy outside will help ensure you will have a well-qualified team to work with who will help provide you with a summer full of memories in your new outdoor living spaces.