The Kearney family had been eating natural and organic whole foods for several years, but, as many know, organic peanut butter can leave a lot to be desired. In an effort to provide something healthy and natural for her family with an amazing taste the children would love, Katie Kearney invented several flavors of her own all-natural, organic peanut butter. An upcoming block party was the ideal platform to test her new creation. She handed out samples to everyone in attendance, and the peanut butter was a huge hit as well as an opportunity for invaluable feedback.

Fast forward almost 12 years, and Tim and Katie Kearney have grown Naturally Nutty to be a leader in all-natural organic almond, peanut, and seed butters across the nation and loved around the world. That claim was recently validated when Naturally Nutty won a prestigious SOFI (Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation) award for their much-loved Pepita Butter. The SOFI awards are given out annually by the Specialty Food Association to recognize food products in over 35 categories – an exciting achievement for this small but mighty husband-and-wife team.

So, what makes Naturally Nutty different from other natural peanut butters? Katie says a big part of it is how they craft their products. Creating them strictly in small batches allows for full control of the ingredients, keeping the integrity, and hence the quality, of those ingredients very tight. They produce only at a volume they know they can sell in a short time; no product is ever just sitting on pallets in a warehouse waiting to be sold. Further, the ingredients are the freshest you will find anywhere. When Katie and I spoke, they had just received a fresh batch of almonds from California. Within a few days, those almonds would be used to create a batch of delectable almond butter. It doesn’t get any fresher than that!

Every Naturally Nutty product includes chia, flax, and hemp seeds, and the list of associated benefits is long and impressive. Together, they provide unprecedented amounts of Omega 3, 6, and 9, which support everything from your skin, nails, and hair to your heart, circulation, and brain. Katie explains that chia itself is a complete protein, making every serving of peanut butter a complete nutritious meal.

The Pepita Butter is by far the best selling product to date; they claim it tastes like pumpkin pie in a jar. And with peanut butter flavors that include Butter Toffee, Chocolate Butter Toffee, Honey Roasted Cinnamon, and White Chocolate Coconut along with Almond Butter in flavors like Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Maple, I think it’s going to take this peanut butter lover a long time to find my own personal favorite.

Naturally Nutty is sold in 40 states and shipped all over the world. The website has a complete listing of store locations, or you can find them locally at Oryana in Traverse City and the Traverse City Farmers Market on Saturdays all summer long.


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