Grand Rapids

Building Community: The Storehouse

Various nonprofit organizations and churches can now pay a small fee and receive access to household goods, personal hygiene products, and teaching supplies for free. The Storehouse distributes the goods, and World Vision replenishes the supplies as needed.

Building Community: Grand Rapids Creative Youth Center

Inspired by 826 National, a creative writing program started by internationally acclaimed author Dave Eggers, the Grand Rapids Creative Youth Center (CYC) is the only organization in West Michigan that provides students with enriched writing instruction.

Building Community: Grand Rapids Kids Food Basket

A lesser-known fact is that one in five Michigan children are affected by hunger -- a startling statistic, and one that the Grand Rapids-based Kids Food Basket organization is actively trying to combat. While Grand Rapids is commonly thought to be an affluent community, there is also a prevalence of extreme poverty.

Dining Discovered: The Electric Cheetah, Grand Rapids

Well, if you are The Electric Cheetah, it’s unique and eclectic, and it probably leaves you wondering, “What the heck is this place?!” The answer to that question is simple: it is a quaint, whimsical restaurant that gives diners a local farm-to-table experience - not to mention a choice of over 40 craft root beers!