Today, most homeowners desire a master bedroom en suite, a quiet place to wind down from the challenges we all face in a typical day. A bathroom connected to the bedroom creates something of an oasis from the daily activities in the common areas of a home. But separation and privacy are only half the equation for creating a retreat.

When you open the door to your master bedroom to retire for the evening, your heart should skip a beat, and you should feel the weight of the day melting away. Likewise, when you awaken to start the day, you should feel energized and supported by lovely surroundings.

An expansive room is not necessary to provide creature comforts and a sense of well-being. A smaller master bedroom en suite could require a more modest investment to create a calming “nest.”

A great foundation for your master suite includes a bed, two night tables, a chest of drawers, and, if space permits, a comfortable chair.  Avoid unnecessary furniture and excessive accessories to maintain breathing space.

Here are a few tips for elevating a modestly sized, well-appointed master bedroom en suite that engages all five senses:

Serene Airy Spa: Consider using muted, lower-contrast colors to create a soothing palette. Lower-contrast or similar colors tend to calm an environment and give a sense of more open space. Think two or three muted colors repeated in all finishes throughout the bedroom and bathroom. Midrange colors such as Sherwin Williams Universal Khaki with a crisp white trim works well, or Sherwin Williams Sea Salt for a hint of color against a Summer White trim.

Lush Cocoon: Dare to design a cozy environment by painting all walls a deeper flat color such as Pittsburgh Paints Gray Flannel with Delicate white trim. White bedding against this backdrop is an instant visual luxury!  Using a lighter version of the bedroom wall color in the bathroom makes it a little brighter to start your day!  Add a living plant such as lucky bamboo or a succulent. They are easy to maintain and bring life into your space.

Upgrade your sheets and bath towels!  A higher thread count is wonderfully smooth against your skin and is more durable over time. Higher-quality weaves of natural fibers such as Egyptian Pima Cotton feel more comfortable on the skin, are more absorbent, and are more durable. Designer Trick: Splurge on the materials that contact your skin and layer in a less expensive quilt or comforter. Keep a stash of darker washcloths or microfiber cloths specifically for removing makeup…no worries about ruining expensive washcloths!

Certain essential oils are said to have calming and stress-relieving properties: lavender, jasmine, basil, and bergamot are but a few. Try diffusing into the air or spritzing an agreeable scent onto your sheets or pillowcase before bed. My favorite: Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender laundry soap and lavender softener to launder bedding. This product line has a wonderful variety of scents and cleaners and is plant-based and made of nontoxic, biodegradable ingredients.

Being in nature restores our spirit, but we don’t find time to immerse ourselves as often as we should. A wonderful trick to help with a restful sleep is to listen to relaxing sounds of nature, such as soft winds through trees or babbling brooks complete with tree frog or cricket songs. We have a marvelous availability of resources from sound machines to CDs and streaming services.

Take a cue from 5-star hotels: pamper yourself with a bedside cup of chamomile tea, a carafe of lemon water on your nightstand, a sip of red wine, or a bit of chocolate before bed…it’s your call! A simple ritual is always comforting.

Finally…Less is More: We all have it: extra “stuff” like that pair of jeans that never fit quite right or the dress that hasn’t been worn in months, years, or ever. The drawer of unfortunate cosmetic products and the mystery box under the bed all take up valuable real estate.

Free your energy and space by clearing out the unused and forgotten items. Whether you organize one closet and drawer per week or hire a professional organizing service, you will be giving yourself a tremendous gift! Less clutter equals less stress-inducing visual disturbance. Toss, donate, or sell – just bless and release!

On the journey to create your perfect master bedroom and bathroom sanctuary, remember to appeal to all senses and keep it simple to create tranquility. Namaste.