WRITER | Linda Richter-Clutter
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Wash and Dry With Ease

It’s time to give a big shout-out to all the washers and dryers that have finally been given a prominent place in the home with beautiful cabinets, countertops and usually within viewing because they are so darn pretty. As units have become more stylish, the days of the laundry room being in the farthest dark corner of the basement or in the garage are over.

Doing laundry can be a cumbersome chore that most people dread but there are some fantastic new innovations that can easily end your woes. Washing machines now have smart intuitive features such as automated program selection, load capacity and dosing, auto troubleshooting and machine memory. 

Detergent — how much is enough but what is too much — is a question that everyone has asked at one time especially when you have a new washing machine. The question is answered with handy little pods that have everything you need, so toss them in and the guesswork is done. Washers equipped with a laundry pod dispense setting provide a dedicated water jet that pierces the detergent pack while a shower of water activates the detergent for faster activation and increased cleaning power. No more knocked-over bottles or powder residue on your counter. 

Automatic dispensing provides flexibility for anything that goes in the washer — liquid detergent, powder detergent, detergent packs, fabric softeners and bleach — by dispensing at the right time for the best results. Not all clothing is made out of the same materials, so the industry has now started making fabric-specific detergents. They are created without bleach or enzymes or are pH neutral. Your wool and silk clothing can now be laundered at home without the risks of shrinking or damage. 

One of the worst parts of laundry is taking your clothes out of the dryer only to discover they are still damp. Drying temperatures have sometimes been a mystery, as to how dry, how hot or how long. A new feature controls the drying time by using sensors based on the fabric or article of clothing. You can select temperature controls that allow for a high quick dry or low for delicates. It also features a setting that has a cool-down period which reduces wrinkles by continuing to tumble the clothes for an additional time. 

How many times have you forgotten clothes in the dryer and then found them in a wrinkly mess? Steam features can refresh clothing that may not be dirty but just need a quick refresh from hanging in your closet or are slightly wrinkled from being folded on a shelf. Plus, this unique cycle has the added health benefit of ridding away dust and allergens so you can breathe easily and look good doing it.

Whether you choose front-loading units or top load, that’s either a personal preference or based on the design of your room. Just make sure with front-loading units that the doors swing open on the opposite sides and that the dryer doesn’t get in the way as you toss wet clothes from one to the other. This small detail can make a big difference.

With everyone becoming more conscious about reducing our carbon footprint and adopting eco-friendly practices, having a washing machine that saves energy and water is becoming more important. The latest washers and dryers are now equipped with technology that not only washes clothes more gently but also reduces running costs during drying times.