As we emerge from our winter hibernation, some of us feel the need to update our home. Why not start with a small bathroom project?

Most homeowners have the basic DIY skills to freshen up a bathroom with simple additions. We have compiled two shopping lists for materials to transform a small bathroom. Prices range from $560 to $1,500 for the updates as we have them below.

Easy Peasy: Quick Basic Changes
Most bathrooms will feel instantly “lifted” with simple additions such as swapping out cabinetry hardware, replacing a faucet, light fixture, towel bar, tissue holder, or adding fresh paint.

If your vanity is a tired wood-tone, why not paint it navy?  Add soft gold hardware and carry the gold through to your faucet, light fixture, and accessories.  For this look, your quick-fix budget would look something like this:

  • Lakeville light fixture: $129.00
  • Transitional knob: $5.60 each
  • Modern gold mirror 36×24: $149.00
  • Raina faucet: $100.00
  • New towels and shower curtain average: $100.00
  • A gallon of paint: $60.00
  • Total: $560.00

Add Layers: Make an Impactful Statement
Take it a step further by replacing the vanity and flooring. Go for a dramatic patterned floor with high contrast. Consider tile on the entire wall behind the vanity. Here are examples of a high-contrast modern vintage bathroom:

  • Ileana Open Trough faucet: $137.00
  • Rovel vanity light: $99.00
  • Cirko vanity mirror – with storage: $85.50
  • Daniella 26” vanity: $256
  • Angle Simple Bathroom hardware set: $46.00
  • Forties 8×8 porcelain tile 54 square feet (6 boxes): $298.00
  • Setting materials for tile: $250.00
  • New towels and shower curtain average: $100.00
  • A gallon of paint: $60.00 (We imagine Sherwin Williams SW6308 “Possibly Pink” with this black and white palette.)
  • Total: $1,332.00

Of course, you will need to select a faucet that fits the holes cut in your existing countertop (i.e., single hole, center set, or wide-set).  Remember to replace your drain assembly to match the new metal color of your faucet.

PRO TIP: Many – but not all – bathroom faucets come with a drain assembly, so be sure to check carefully.

PRO TIP: If you decide to replace your flooring, it is best to lift your toilet and reinstall it over the new floor. This will require a new wax ring. You can purchase a toilet installation kit for under $30.00 most anywhere.

NOTE: One of our favorite bathroom upgrades is a new concealed trap way or “skirted” toilet with a soft-close lid.  This design makes for super easy cleaning!

PRO TIP: Why not purchase a new soft-close toilet seat for your existing toilet?

It is easy to find an inspiration photo and simply duplicate the look to fit your own space. Today, consumers have a vast array of choices and resources, and YouTube and Google guidance make this project easy to manage. Take your time planning, have fun, and freely express your own style!

As always, you may consult with a professional designer to refine or affirm your plans!