Technology encompasses every part of our daily lives, from phones to tablets, even within our home.  Every day we hear about how beneficial it is to be connected and how it simplifies our lives. Many of us struggle with whether that is really the case or if it’s just another way to convince us to purchase products we may not use.

How do we get comfortable using appliance features that will truly make our lives easier?  Start by following the step-by-step process of understanding each feature and why it will save time or otherwise benefit you.


Ovens can now be preheated while you are on your way home, tell you when food is almost done, and even take pictures of your meal as it is cooking.  These features let you do other tasks in your home without worry that you’ll miss something in the kitchen. You can join your friends and family out on the deck and not miss any activities – just a quick look at your phone will keep you apprised of things in the kitchen.

Recipe apps take you step by step through a recipe and may even help you understand what a cookbook sometimes can’t explain. No more guessing which pan or oven rack to use, or the actual temperature of a pan. All of these features and more are easy to figure out with the technology built into your appliances. Meat can go from frozen to fully cooked in a fraction of the time using a speed oven and phone prompts (or through oven programming). These ovens give you healthy ways to prepare complete meals in less time.

Amazingly, your induction cooktop can communicate directly with the pan and tell you both when to add ingredients and when those ingredients are cooked and ready to plate. Not everyone may need features like this, but how often have you wondered if the chicken was actually the correct internal temperature? Your appliances can help you be more confident and comfortable in your kitchen.


Refrigerators, too, have evolved. They can notify you if you’ve left a door open, if the temperature changes in either the freezer or the refrigerator, and when you may need to call for service.  Some refrigerators come with a handy interior camera that will take pictures of the contents of your fridge. Imagine being at the supermarket and not having to guess whether or not you need to buy ketchup!


Dishwashers now come with a sensor that will automatically shut off the unit if it senses water in an area where it doesn’t belong and then alert you that it has stopped running. Peace of mind that you aren’t coming home to a flooded kitchen or worse is a great bonus.


When appliances have WiFi connectivity, you’re one step closer to fixing the problem if you should need a service call.  Manufacturers can complete an initial troubleshooting diagnosis through the connection and hopefully get parts ordered and sent to a service provider. This saves time waiting for that initial service call and shortens the time you will be without a properly working appliance.

With many of us spending more time at home, what better way to focus on quality time than by embracing technology within our appliances?