For over 30 years, Daniel Mohle has seen the world of food service from every possible angle – from dishwasher to co-owner, from pizzerias to cafés to fine dining, and back again. Now it’s his turn to be in charge as the proud owner of MoJo Spices & Catering in Cheboygan.

In 2015, after Mohle created a special spice rub for the steaks he was barbequing for friends, they asked if he had ever thought of selling it. The comments got Mohle thinking. He started kicking around various combinations of spices and seasonings and chose the first four that he would use to launch his business. Mohle officially started MoJo Spices & Catering in 2017 and became a regular at the Cheboygan Farmers Market, where he still sets up shop each week.

Using his degree in nutrition from Oregon State University, Mohle decided to create products that are as healthy as possible. He has made it his mission to help people see that food can taste great while also being good for you. He uses no fillers and offers several product selections that contain no salt or sugar. All are vegan, contain no gluten or dairy, and are keto-friendly. When salt and sugar are necessary, he uses only kosher or sea salt and pure unprocessed cane sugar.

From those four original flavors – MoJo Rib Rub, Gobble Rub, Flavor MoJo, and Salt O’MoJo – Mohle has expanded his selection to include an impressive 18 spice and rub mixtures, each offering a flavor explosion. He offers a zesty BBQ sauce now, as well.

Mohle’s process for developing flavors is not high-tech; it involves combining various spices and herbs while cooking his own meals and working them into his next great product. For example, he developed the Gobble Rub on Thanksgiving one year.

MoJo’s top-selling rub is the Roast’em MoJo. This spice concoction is a versatile product that really shines when used on chicken, but it accents beef and pork nicely as well.

Chef Tip: Combine the Roast’em MoJo with apple cider vinegar and olive oil and rub under the skin of chicken (or turkey) along with chunks of butter. Cube and coat potatoes with the same mixture, reserving the extra. Place potatoes in a roasting pan with the poultry on top. Use the reserved mixture to baste poultry while it cooks. The result will be the best-tasting chicken you will ever eat.

Another popular mix is the Mexi-MoJo. This is Mohle’s version of taco seasoning that does so much more than make tacos taste good. Add it to burritos, and even huevos rancheros, for an astonishing transformation.

In addition to his amazing spice creations, Mohle offers small-party catering, personal chef services, and private cooking classes to residents of Cheboygan and the surrounding area. One of his specialties is homemade ravioli, but he caters everything from sandwich bars to beef tenderloin with multiple courses. His favorite dish to make for clients is his killer crème brûlée, a recipe handed down to him from his great-great-grandmother.

Mohle is currently working on a new rub for smoking meats that will focus on Middle Eastern flavors.

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