The number-one philosophy at Earth Labs in downtown Traverse City is “Support the body so it can heal itself.” In 2019, after a decade of providing one-on-one health coaching, Kaycie Noble took the leap and created Earth Labs, LLC, a wellness center offering mind and body transformations through the use of sound, light, frequency, and more. 

For several years, Noble had felt drawn to create a place offering holistic, noninvasive treatments, filling a gap in both standard medical and mental health practices. She heard every day from people searching for alternatives to toxic medicines.

Among other mind/body healing techniques, Earth Labs offers light and sound therapy, Vibro Acoustic Therapy (VAC), Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), and Cryo and Thermogenic therapy, also known as CryoSkin. It is particularly important to Noble that any therapy or treatment used at Earth Labs be nonmedical and noninvasive. She points out that therapies used do not require a “recovery” period; they work at a cellular level and are scientifically proven and backed by research.

PEMF is FDA approved to treat depression, but in addition, the therapy hastens healing time from surgery and bone breaks by up to 80 percent. It is also known to improve sleep by helping to balance circadian rhythms. PEMF has been used for many years by NASA to counter muscle atrophy.

The Cocoon, as the Earth Labs staff lovingly refers to it, is a dry heat sauna that operates at 150-170 degrees and is paired with vibration and a full-spectrum infrared light shower and salt therapy. The Cocoon is for advanced detoxification to induce relaxation and relieve muscle pain and tension.

The Sound Lab is Noble’s brainchild. She said it helped transform her own life, and she is proud to offer it to her clients. Using several combined technologies, the Sound Lab can help those suffering from PTSD, anxiety, traumatic brain injury, and chronic pain. It can also help practitioners reach a deeper meditative state. “It provides a calming energy and helps clients get back out into the world,” Noble said.

Perhaps the most popular therapy at Earth Labs is CryoSkin. Noble took the time to research CryoSkin to understand its benefits firsthand and knew this was something she had to add to Earth Labs. “If we can offer something that will help clients avoid Botox, liposuction, or some other highly invasive procedure, then this is a no-brainer.” Using maximum heat and cold, CryoSkin eliminates fat cells, she explained, “It does not just shrink them, it eliminates them, offering dramatic results and improved health.”

“Sometimes, our therapies seem like magic or a miracle because it appears as if nothing is going on, yet the results are undeniable and offer a tremendous response in the body. We see it every day. When you give the body the cellular energy it needs, it can better utilize oxygen and nutrition and its many systems operate better, all resulting in improved health.”

Not sure if Earth Labs is right for you? Give them a call to schedule a free consultation with Kaycie Noble. I think you might be surprised, and maybe a little bit excited.

Earth Labs, LLC
Kaycie Noble – owner
317 E. Front Suite A
Traverse City, MI 49684