Despite its rather blah-sounding name, neutral décor is anything but boring. There are no constraints in interior design, which means professional designers and décor hobbyists have the ultimate freedom of creative expression. Like you, we’ve seen design trends come and go and have tirelessly pursued the ever-changing direction of home décor styles. The good news is that you need not solicit every interior design guru to keep up with the continuous ebb and flow of home decorating trends. One thing you can be sure of when it comes to design is the timeless beauty of neutrals.

By sticking to a color palette in crisp oatmeal tones, matte buffs, dove grays, and creamy nudes, you will always have a classic base to call home. Just as vanilla ice cream allows toppings to steal the show, so your neutral décor will make way for signature pieces and key accents to stand out. We recommend choosing a neutral color tone that will act as the base of your design and finishing it with key pieces to highlight your personality and make your space shine.

Patterns, Prints, & Pillows
Enlivening a neutral palette is as easy as peppering your space with unique and trendy patterns and prints. You’ll never have to worry about your décor being outdated or too over the top when you stick with a timeless neutral foundation. Choosing quality furniture in neutral color tones will anchor your space and serve as the baseline from which the rest of your décor will flow. Furniture pieces in clean, linear styles will feel fresh even though muted in color. Small details like nailhead trim and modern finishes will add a touch of glam, making your space neutral yet sophisticated. Neutral colors allow you to play with trends throughout your home, regardless of room size or function. In decorating a small space like a powder room or office, you’ll want the design to feel bright and expansive. Decorating with contrasting neutral tones will balance your space. For an even brighter look, use a reflective wallpaper with a trendy print like geometric shapes to give your space a classic yet contemporary feel. Subtle graphic lines will complement the shapes of accent pieces like mirrors and occasional chairs.

Unexpected Color
Just because a space is neutral doesn’t mean it has to look tired and drab. An unexpected pop of your favorite hue will show off your personality and add an element of interest. A neutral living room can be instantly energized by adding a unique painting to its focal point, such as above a fireplace mantel. As the main focus, a dynamic painting is the perfect way to add a touch of color in a neutral space. You can then incorporate other subtle points of color throughout the room without overpowering the elegance of neutral pieces. By styling your home with a timeless neutral foundation, you’ll be free to experiment with trends without needing to change the entire design. Mix neutral design with conversational elements like vibrant wall tiles, colorful pillows, and expressive artwork, all of which can easily change as trends vary and your own taste evolves.

Unique Accent Pieces
You can create a chic, tailored look with the addition of unique accent pieces. Whether you arrange a collection of your favorite pottery, hang a column of painted dishes, or show off trinkets from your travels, accent pieces will highlight your personal style and keep your neutral decor fresh. Styling your home with a nontraditional chandelier that’s both modern and playful will highlight your individuality. Don’t be afraid to be a little flirtatious – go ahead and experiment with lighting styles. We love the look of combining contrasting styles like industrial chic and rustic decor to give a neutral space personality.

Depth & Dimension
No, these aren’t just cliché decorating terms – depth and dimension can elevate your design to a whole new level. Try adding interest to your décor by layering rugs and mixing patterns. A neutral base like a cream sofa or area rug is the perfect palette to experiment with.  A mix of styles, such as a contemporary entertainment console with patina-finished hardware and classic wall art, will make your space both intriguing and inviting.

Neutral décor is honest; it allows your room to breathe and gives you the freedom to showcase your style without being overbearing. A collected and pulled-together look that accentuates key pieces like family heirlooms, artwork, and rich textiles is classic and functional. By anchoring your look with subtle tones and neutral hues, your home will always be elegant and timeless; that’s the beauty of neutral décor. It’s always fresh, always on-point, and always in style.