Even if it’s small, it can still have it all!

Gone are the days when our dreams of a home were based merely on location. I mean, didn’t we all fantasize about living on a Caribbean island? Who would have believed that these dreams would turn into yearning for a home that has the one thing many of us long for…an oversized, spacious walk-in pantry? Let’s be real, neither of these visions qualifies as reality for most. We are chasing around little ones or working hard on the job, rather than basking in the sun or reliving the moments when HGTV reveals the pantries we all desire. Yes, our little double doors with five shelves will have to do the job in our house! But that doesn’t mean our pantries have to look as if little hands were shuffling through them moments ago. Your pocket-sized pantry can be an organized oasis in just a few simple steps!

Clear the Clutter
And by clutter, I mean everything in your pantry. I am not kidding! Take it all out, throw away what you don’t use or what might be expired, and give the pantry a nice wipe down! If you feel in the mood to get a little fancy, adorn your shelves or walls with decorative contact paper.

Categorize and Prioritize
Now that everything is exposed, divide your goods into categories. Examples might include baking, snacks, breakfast, etc. Think about what items you use the most and set those aside to be purposefully placed near the front and center.

Contain the Commodities
What better way to contain the commodities than containers themselves? Baskets, bins, Tupperware, jars… the list goes on and on for the endless possibilities of savvy storage you can use in your pantry.

Label the Loot
Labels are the biggest contributor to keeping a pantry organized. If you don’t label the containers, how will anyone (i.e., husbands and children) know what is in them? It may seem daunting to label every single bin, but check out the endless number of websites that offer free printable labels.

Seize the Space
Look up high, down low, in corners and everywhere in-between! You may be surprised at how much you can actually store in your pantry. It just takes a little creativity using the following space-saving products!

  • Use undershelf baskets to max out vertical storage.
  • Place canned goods in magazine holders or soda can dispensers.
  • Use Lazy Susans or kitchen carousels to easily access items.
  • Install tiered shelving.
  • Attach pencil boxes or wired baskets to the little space between the shelf in your pantry and the door jamb. It can hold things like spices, mixes, snacks, tea, or other lightweight items.

Don the Doors
Now the doors may not have room for food storage, but they are a clever way to store information that will give your brain a break! Slap some chalkboard paint on the interior doors and write your grocery lists and weekly menus.

Follow these tips and your dreams of having the kitchen pantry you’ve always longed for can become reality. Remember, even if it’s small, it can still have it all!