“Turn right on the first street on the left. Go down about six houses. We are the green house on the
left just past the home with the camper in the driveway.”

Thank goodness that in this day and age, we can simply plug in an address and Voilà! Siri directs us exactly where we need to go. Even so, it is imperative for a home to be identified with house numbers. Yes, so your first-time dinner guests can find their way, but also because emergency vehicles, Uber drivers, and the ever-important UPS truck can identify the right home!

A house that doesn’t have a number lacks identity. Your home is distinctive, so why should your house number be generic when it can have charm?

Although most house numbers are commonly mounted on the home itself, that’s not the only option. Updating your house number is one of the easier and more budget-friendly ways to improve your home’s curb appeal. You could get by with some drab, universal numbers, but why not add some personality using these simple, yet innovative ideas.

Chalk it Up
A framed chalkboard would be a fun option for the creative type who likes to change things up often! You can write numbers in different colors, fonts, and even add seasonal details using chalk pens.

Paint your Planters
Many of us already have potted plants by our front doors. Why not apply numbers to those pots using acrylic paint? Pick a color that stands out and coordinates with your home.

Farmhouse Finish
Embrace your inner Chip and Joanna Gaines and add your address to an antique milk can or some other interesting farmhouse item.

Industrial Integers
Use barn wood or basic 1x4s to create a display surface for adding screws, nails, or other found objects in the shape of your house numbers. Or, for an even simpler idea, add purchased brushed nickel numbers to the wood, creating a custom plaque.

Pillow Pizazz
Have a front porch? Why not adorn a rocking chair with a throw pillow featuring your house number?

Frame It
Standard house numbers can be jazzed up by installing a frame (think picture frame) around them. It’s an easy way to make your address more visible without changing the existing house numbers.  Add color to the frame and the numbers will really stand out.

Simply Straightforward
If you want a clean, classic look that still has style, check out your local hardware store or look online on sites such as houzz.com. Decide on the size, font, and finish that fits with your decor. Do you like big, fancy fonts in stainless steel or modern, sleek numbers in aged bronze? Would you arrange the numbers horizontally or vertically? Anything goes, as long as it coordinates with the style of your home.

Let’s be honest, the house number is a meaningful exterior attribute that many homeowners never think about. Since it’s the first thing your guests look for when coming to your home, it should make a good first impression.

Choose something that represents your family’s style, is visible from the street (a good rule of thumb is that each number be at least four inches high), and adds visual interest to the facade of your home. Decide on colors that coordinate with the exterior of your home and create strong, eye-pleasing contrast. Whatever you choose, your house number should be easy to spot and read. After all, we want to receive our Amazon packages, right?