Recreational gear comes in all shapes and sizes, from beach towels and pool noodles to rainboots and hockey skates. While these items become part of our daily routines when the season for them hits, they should also have a place to go when not in use that makes them easy to find when you need them.

Here are some sensible tips from The Container Store to help with the right organizing tools by your side.

Hide and Seek
Since many seasonal items are affected by the activity they’re designed for (think sand, mud, and snow), plastic storage containers provide a practical solution. For instance, stackable recycling containers can be placed by the back door for added convenience. Or you might try a similar style without the lid, like a mesh bin, which works like a charm for baseball bats and yoga mats. Containers on wheels make moves from one room to the next a breeze.

Two for One
Consider multifunctional organizers like stackable bins that work just as well for yard tools as they do for traditional lawn games. Smaller solutions designed to keep like items together, such as a Lazy Susan, can go straight from the kitchen to the patio as needed.

Divide and Conquer
Hooks can come in handy throughout the year, especially for last-minute grabs like tote bags and coats. Hang some above a bench in the entry for easy access and add baskets nearby for sunscreen and scarves. Over-the-door hooks can hold umbrellas, and they require no installation.

From Lakeside to Laundry
Wet clothes can pose a challenge if not properly stored. With solutions like the Wet Bag, made with a leak-proof lining and a cotton cover, you can easily transfer damp items from the beach straight to the washing machine. As an added bonus, even the bag is washable.

Great Adaptations
Invest in flexible organizational products that can easily transition from kids’ rooms to other locations. Drawer units suit a variety of storage needs for fundamentals from tank tops to sweaters, and they are versatile enough to go from a child’s bedroom to college and on to a first apartment.

Little Helpers
When kids are out of school, high-traffic areas like your kitchen can spell chaos. Plastic canisters can corral cereal and trail mix, while wire baskets can be filled with fresh fruit and other snacks to grab and go. For outdoor sports equipment that can end up scattered all around the house, designate a basket or bin for each child to avoid last-minute searches and misplaced items.

Head Start
Remember, less is more when organizing your seasonal essentials. There’s no need for winter clothing to be at your fingertips year-round. Storing sweaters and winter gear in decorative or functional closed containers helps preserve them, so they stay cleaner and last longer as a result.