Choosing a Color for Your Front Door and Loving It!

Your front door:  It’s a first impression, an open welcome to your home. It can boost your home’s curb appeal and set the tone for your home’s style.  It can make people say “Wow!” before they even enter your home. And perhaps best of all, it’s an easy update for even the least-talented DIYers.

Choosing just the right color and finish for your front door can be an important part of your overall home design.  So where does one begin?

At the front, of course.

Look to the outside of your home.  Interior designer Jennifer Elms, of J. Elms Interior Design in Grand Rapids, suggests you stand at your curb and take a good look at your home as others would see it. Is there a subtle color you would like to accentuate? What colors are in your roof, your exterior walls, the decking, the shutters, the trim?  Take a close look at the style of your home. Your front door color should work not only with the rest of your exterior but with your environment as well, suggests Elms.

Think about your personal preferences.  Would you prefer a bold color on the door or a natural color? Are you looking to make a statement or keep it neutral? What’s your style? Modern, classic, traditional, eclectic? The choices you make for your home should always please you. “When you drive up to your home at the end of the day,” says Elms, “you should love what you see.”

Take a Look at Current Trends
If you want to stay true to the current trends, look for eco-friendly and organic details, such as stained wood and shades of green. But for those more adventurous and looking for a pop of color, jewel tones are very “now.” And classic colors like black, deep blues, and bright red are always a win if holding true to your home’s style. Your regional trends should be kept in mind as well, notes Elms.  A home in a traditional suburb of Michigan would probably not use the same colors as a lake house up north.

Look to the Experts for Help
Not feeling confident about making a color choice? Consult a color wheel for viable options – or ask an expert such as an interior designer. They can guide you to a choice you will feel comfortable with. Ask an expert at a paint store to direct you to the correct finish and techniques if you are painting or staining the door on your own.

Basically, anything goes for front door color as long as it is in harmony with the overall aesthetic of the exterior of the home. A beautiful front door can take your home from ordinary to something really classy or spectacular. And the best part is, it’s an inexpensive way to boost your curb appeal. Don’t be afraid to go bold or try something new; it may be the easiest update you make to your home all year.