Oh, the styles we have seen in home interiors. From funky-colored linoleum to flocked wallpaper and pink and blue color schemes, they all set a visual measurement in the fabric of our lives. I remember a relative who had marbled mirror tiles on one wall in the living room in 1974 and my aunt mirroring the dining room wall to make her feasts look “bountiful” in the ‘80s. As with many things, this trend has returned. Welcome to decorating with mirrors.

No, they are not marbled, nor do they come in boxes of 12. Today’s mirrors have evolved in quality, decoration, and purpose and can add a bold statement to your design scheme. No longer marbled, the finishes within the mirrors are a work of art in themselves.

Adding a mirror to any area creates the illusion of depth, no matter the size of the space, reflecting the area around you to enhance your living experience. With a little help from your local custom framer, you can make that enhancement a statement on its own. The use of mirrors can brighten a room and add interesting dimension to the space.

In today’s mirror trend, we find that hanging artwork, or even hanging another mirror on top of a mirrored wall, can make a statement for the room and the art. That stunning light fixture or colored area rug is reflected, and our eye catches, enhancing the impact of your favorite piece. Mirrors add a wonderful architectural element, making a bed look bigger when placed at its head, for example.

The most boring of bathrooms become statement areas with a glammed mirror as a statement piece. Mirrors also work well in hallways and can continue your design flow into other rooms. They offer a great deal of flexibility in design, and since they come in any shape or size you’d like, you can get creative in how and where you use them.

No matter what era you recall, this trend has now come full circle. Using mirrors in your home in these new ways only helps make your decorating statement that much more. Now, please just stay away from plastic fruit as a centerpiece.