Rainbow Resources

If you could illuminate your home with cascading fragments of prismatic light, why wouldn’t you? Stained glass windows aren’t just for cathedrals anymore! Glasswork adds a classic flair to interior design and becomes a conversation piece, but most importantly, it is a novel home element that cannot be replicated. A great deal of craftsmanship went into the ornate details of old houses, and perhaps it’s time we brought that practice back.

Rainbow Resources has been part of the Eastown neighborhood of Grand Rapids for almost 50 years. Partners Tom and Jen create commissioned stained and fused glass artwork and do repairs and restorations as well. Their most remarkable offering, however, is teaching interested customers the dual arts of stained glass and glass fusing. The power is in the creator’s hands as students cut and forge pieces to their liking. Their handiwork adds a personal flair to the art piece as they walk away with something to be proud of, a physical manifestation of their newly learned skill. 

Whether you want to take up glasswork as a hobby or are just eager to try something new for date night, their wide selection of tools and materials is great for a beginner who also needs tips and guidance. Advanced courses for those who desire to perfect their skills are also available. While Jen used to teach classes herself, the partners now employ a designated instructor. The process makes for a great time, but students quickly come to value the art and appreciate how much time such projects take. For those interested in a stained glass class, it’s best to reserve your spot a month in advance, as they fill up quickly. 

The majority of Tom and Jen’s custom work is for residential locations. Clients are usually individuals looking to bring color and charm to their own homes but also include designers and builders seeking distinctive artwork that will bring character to a project. Of course, businesses seek out their work as well. One of Tom and Jen’s larger projects was for Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort. Client relationships are important, and the customization process is very hands-on. Clients receive updates on the project from cutting the glass to assembly and the finished product. 

Glass is an artistic medium unlike any other. Jen describes its dynamic power to transform a room, playing with light to create different ambiances night and day. The appeal is not limited to the object to itself but to the light it creates bouncing off of the walls and floor. If you’re looking for a way to bring vibrance into your space, design a custom piece with Rainbow Resources and bring the beauty to your home. Experts are there to guide you and craft a signature piece of artwork to your liking. Or make it yourself, if you’re feeling creative, and feel pride every time you let the light shine in. 

Rainbow Resources Art Glass Inc.

1509 Lake Drive SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506