More and more homeowners are scaling down the square footage of their homes, opening the living, dining, and kitchens to one another, and dialing up the level of finishes. The trend is to eliminate wasted space – everything in its place and a place for everything.

Professional designers generally consider solutions to best maximize a space’s flow and use when creating a furniture plan. It is especially important to use furnishings that will serve a purpose between these varied open spaces. Designers’ “go-to” favorite furniture pieces are often multifunctional and will make sense in any décor style.

These are just a few of our favorite “modern” pieces!

  • Smaller-Scale Swivel Chair – Paired up or standing alone, a swivel chair will allow for 360-degree access to a view, fireplace, or communication with those in an adjacent area of an open floor plan. Smaller swivel chairs may also have a glider feature for lulling babies to sleep. They offer an opportunity to add a small dose of a strong pattern or color to a room.
  • Bench Ottoman or Pouf – Not only do they provide additional color, texture, or point of interest in a room, but they also serve as extra seating. They tuck away easily next to a fireplace, under a sofa table, or pulled up to a coffee table for game night.
  • Multifunctional Storage Coffee Tables – As with any home furnishing, you will find the great version as well as the not-so-great version of everything. There are fantastic lift-style coffee tables that allow for working on a laptop or playing a game with a partner. You will appreciate the bonus of discreet storage for AV equipment, electronic devices, and general everyday stuff.
  • Console Tables with Storage – We love using these to create the designated drop zone while coming and going from home – a single area to house keys, mail, phones, etc. If you don’t have the luxury of built-in lockers in a mudroom, opt for a console table in the hall or entry.
  • Nesting Tables – While nesting tables are very traditional in their function, many can add an artsy point of interest to your room. They’re easily moved to accommodate guests’ beverages around the room.
  • Anchor Art – Every room can use an exciting large-scale piece of art as a focal point. A dynamic and stimulating piece may be a conversation starter, for example. Explore beyond painted canvas or a print framed behind glass. It could be almost anything that pleases your eye. Consider a black and white family photo printed on metal, a reclaimed architectural element, or a living wall of succulents. Don’t be afraid to be bold!

The goal is to have a home that supports your family’s functional needs and nurtures your soul. Don’t forget that you can always consult with a professional interior designer to affirm your choices or bring you new inspiration!