Selling a home can be stressful, frustrating, and personally challenging.

Most homeowners have invested many hours of hard work and financial commitment to make their house a home, and when the time comes to sell their most valuable asset, they want to get top dollar.

Following are some fundamental recommendations that don’t cost a lot but will aid in selling your home quickly and at the highest possible price, according to Craig Kishman, Associate Broker of Kishman Real Estate in Grand Rapids.

“Every detail matters,” Kishman begins. As the saying goes, “People do judge a book by its cover.”

  1. Since the exterior of a home makes the first impression, curb appeal is among the most important things. The yard and landscaping should be well manicured. Keep the lawn mown and maintain distinct edgings. Pull weeds growing in sidewalk cracks and walkways leading to the home. Place fresh mulch in all flower beds and, if it’s the right time of year, plant some flowers for color.
  2. The focal point of the home is the front door. A fresh coat of paint on the front door will help welcome potential buyers. Update trim and siding as well, if needed.
  1. Real estate agents are a great resource for trending color choices as well as advice about the neighborhood marketplace. Don’t hesitate to contact your realtor before you list to ask for tips about what buyers in your area are looking for.
  1. Inside, Kishman recommends going from room to room and making changes to help each one stand out. Remove excessive photographs and knickknacks. Be sure to take advantage of as much natural light as possible by removing heavy drapes, and use high-wattage bulbs to brighten every room.
  1. A fresh coat of paint can also do wonders for the interior – especially if the room has a very bold or outdated color or the walls and trim are scuffed and dirty. Neutral tones are recommended, not only because they help to give the perception of a larger room, but also because they enable potential buyers to mentally place their belongings in the room without having to see past a color that they may not like.
  1. When it comes to belongings, “less is more” for the seller. Kishman recommends reducing any clutter, such as removing appliances from kitchen countertops and even sentimental children’s artwork and magnets from the refrigerator.
  1. Consider moving large or unattractive items to a storage unit to make the home feel larger and rearrange furniture to make more inviting, easily accessible spaces. You may even want to have your home professionally staged.
  1. Hiring a cleaning service to do a deep cleaning is always a good idea. Don’t forget the floors! You should have all the carpets professionally cleaned.
  1. Most importantly, use a professional photographer to take the pictures you’ll use in your listing, as most buyers start their searches online.

The real estate market continues to favor the seller, so these tips should draw a buyer with a quick offer at the right price.