The options for customization in the window fashions market are endless – a wide array of colors, treatment options, textures, control types, and yes, even motorization. In a world where everything is automated, why not have your window treatments follow suit? There are many options for home automation products: battery-powered, hard-wired, solar-powered, and now those options are available for your window treatments as well.

Operating motorized shades is simple using your smartphone or remote. This is accomplished by creating a shade network. The shade network is a unique radio frequency ID that allows all motorized devices in the home to communicate. It allows for easy installation of additional control options, such as a hub, repeaters, and scene controllers. Additionally, remotes joined to the same shade network will be able to operate all window coverings in your home as desired.

The hub, with a sleek and straightforward design, connects right to your router and then creates a network to connect to any other devices it communicates with. Even better, the network doesn’t need to be connected to WiFi in order to operate the shades. An internet connection is required for the initial set-up, but after that, it is no longer necessary. You can operate your motorized shades with your phone or remote, or you can program the shades to adjust during designated times of day.

Privacy after sundown? Open at sunrise? With the app, you can set scenes in which you select a specific shade, or room, to open or close at a particular time of day. This solution is low in cost as most apps are free from your app store, although a hub must be purchased to control the network without a remote.

If you prefer to avoid the home automation movement, rest assured that these shades work just as well with your remote control. Most remotes are easy to use and customizable. They can be used to operate numerous shades in groups – as long as the window coverings can receive commands from the remote – or up to six window coverings individually. A “favorite” position can be created and set for every motorized shade in your home. This is a quick and easy way to send shades to their desired position(s) from a single button press.

Window covering motorization is especially helpful for windows that can’t be reached from the ground floor – think three stories up with bright sun pouring through the glass, fading furniture and spiking indoor temperatures. Most companies experienced in motorization are certified to install and repair the brands they sell, providing peace of mind in case help is needed.