With book signings, showroom visits, and HGTV celebrity-sightings galore, High Point Market is an event not to be missed for the design community. Held twice a year in North Carolina, High Point Market is the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world, drawing crowds of over 75,000 interior designers, architects, buyers, and more.

After hearing rave reviews of High Point and the value it brings to designers, I decided to make the trek to Asheville this past October. As a newcomer to the design mecca, I made sure to take careful note of the items showcased and began brainstorming ways in which my Michigan-based clients could incorporate these styles into their own homes. A few of the standout themes were:

  1. Mixing Metals and Finishes Although often categorized as a design “no-no,” mixing your metals and finishes (like silver and gold) adds richness and warmth to your home. Allowing yourself this freedom when designing your space can create something beautiful and unexpected and can give your room an eclectic feel.
  2. Heavy Wood Textures and Cerusing I noticed that cerusing – mixing paint and stain to draw out/highlight the wood grain – was more prevalent than ever before at High Point. The rich texture and elegant finish add depth to wood pieces by making the grain pop out to contrast the natural ridges.
  3. All Gold Everything Gold has been in style in recent years, but it had its true time to shine at High Point. From gold accessories to gold couches and other furnishings, this rich and bold hue can add a layer of sophistication to any space.
  4. Natural Wood Finishes Everything seemed to be in natural wood finishes this year, from coffee tables and side tables to the comeback of wood bed frames. The natural finishes give a European feel, while the white woods I saw reminded me of Scandinavian design.
  5. Jewel Tones with a Retro Twist This fun (and funky!) trend had a distinctly retro vibe – but with a fresh twist. I noticed so many pieces in jewel colors like peach and teal making a comeback and was loving the many applications of the bold tones that I saw. One of my favorite applications were monochromatic jewel-toned rooms.
  6.  Metal Frames Throughout the showrooms, there were many sofas and chairs with metal feet and frames. I love this trend as it allows you to mix some edginess into your upholstered pieces. Try a gold leg on a sofa or chair to create a fun, retro twist on your more classic pieces.
  7.  Heavy Fabric Textures I noticed the use of many heavier fabrics like boucle – a textured fabric made from a mixture of both thick and thin yarns. This style gives any room a cozy feel, almost as if your furniture is wearing a sweater!

Overall, it was so exciting to see how the brands showcased at High Point Market were taking risks and how these risks can pay off when designing your space. Keeping these new design styles in mind, I encourage homeowners in 2020 to be bold. Not every space has to be all white – incorporate some strong color into your home, and don’t be afraid to mix metals, textures, and finishes to create a unique environment that’s authentically you.