There is something about wooden blocks that just seems to draw us in. What is it? Uncle Goose’s owner, Pete Bultman, is not sure, but he enjoys hearing stories from customers around the world who share their experiences with Uncle Goose blocks. “I can’t put my finger on the reason that our blocks stand the test of time and invoke such fond memories. We regularly receive photos from parents showing us their children enjoying their blocks, and I love it,” says Bultman.

Uncle Goose was created from his father’s vision many years before Bultman took over the business. As a matter of fact, his father’s original set of alphabet blocks still ranks consistently in the top two or three best sellers, year after year.

These blocks are an incredible way for families to learn and work together, first by creating a “block masterpiece” and then having tons of fun knocking it down together. Reading and memorizing the nuggets of information on the blocks also creates lasting memories.

With hundreds of variations on the original ABC block set, you are guaranteed to find an intriguing gift for anyone. Block sets are available in 25 languages – including Braille and American Sign Language – and include information on birds, guitar and ukulele chords, periodic tables, bugs, flowers, constellations, and planets. You can even get a wooden wagon to pull your blocks around with you. Bultman strives to create new themed sets each year based on “whatever crazy thought enters my head.” That said, the newest block set is called Women Who Dared, and it quickly rose to the top the top of the bestsellers list. On next year’s new products list is a fossils set.

“It seems that people really put a value on the blocks we create; every year we continue to have steady growth. It amazes me and gives me great pride.” Another cause of pride for Bultman is the fact that 99 percent of labor and materials in Uncle Goose products are produced in Michigan and imprinted with child-safe inks, completely nontoxic.

Pete Bultman has brought his vision for Uncle Goose to life by creating a healthy and stable company culture that benefits his employees and the company alike. This mutual respect shows in the high quality of the products they create every day and the long-standing traditions that will be around for many years to come.

Uncle Goose products are available online at their website as well as at many small local toy and game and educational stores across the country. Be sure to check them out and find YOUR favorite.

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