A terrible car accident changed KC Springberg’s life in many ways. While she worked to recover from the accident and to finish school at Northwestern Michigan College, Springberg found that polishing her nails was a very therapeutic way to pass time. Some months later, she came across an article that explained how toxic nail polish is for those who wear it. Intrigued, she began researching how to make her own healthy polish and soon found herself staying up late mixing colors and testing ingredients. This nail polish thing was becoming a true passion for Springberg.

What she came up with are amazing nail polishes guaranteed to be toxin-free, safe for pregnant women and children, vegan, and cruelty-free. The polish has a sweet smell instead of the harsh chemical smell typical of most nail polish.

The name Northern Nail Polish comes from Springberg’s deep love of all things Michigan. Her very first color was Petoskey Stone, a stunning grey metallic that is still one of her best-selling colors. She wore the polish everywhere, making it a point to explain to anyone who noticed, how she had made it herself. She began giving away samples and selling the polish in her Etsy shop. As demand grew, Springberg expanded her line with new colors based on customer requests – colors inspired by the turquoise blue water, the sweet colors of fruit, and the earthy colors of the sand, rocks, and leaves of the Great Lakes state. With names including Cherry Festival Red, Smitten with the Mitten, Fresh Coast Girl, Lake Life, Dream Cruise, Copper Country, and Sand Between My Toes, the list continues to grow as she adds new colors every season, keeping Northern Nail Polish fresh and exciting.

To make Northern Nail Polish a one-stop-shop for all things nails, Springberg created her own amazing fast-drying top coat as well, because, as she puts it, “We all have things to do. We need to get our nails painted and get out the door…fast.” Her fast-drying top coat allows you to do just that, in about ten minutes start to finish. In addition, Northern Nail Polish offers a nourishing base coat, glitter, matte, and holographic toppers to add a unique and creative look to your nails, and a four-piece manicure system set to keep your nails as healthy as possible.

The newest product for Northern Nail Polish is an all-natural, soy-based polish remover. It has no acetone, and hence, no odor, and it actually nourishes your nails with lavender oil as it removes the polish. Just put a few drops on, let it sit for a few seconds, and use a cotton ball to rub it off. Magic!

Northern Nail Polish was launched seven years ago at a desk in the corner of a room in Springberg’s home. With hard work and a lot of word of mouth advertising from happy customers, she has moved to a larger home. It includes a studio with a sterile lab where she creates her delightful and energizing new colors. Springberg’s products are available in an ever-growing list of stores around the state and via her website.

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