Harvest gold, avocado, burnt orange, almond – years of colorful appliances that many will never forget, others have heard of, and most want never to see again! Color is personal, color is expressive, and color makes a statement in every element of our daily lives. Let’s bring it back into the kitchen in a fun, bold, or classic way!

Through the years, consumers were told to play it safe when it came to color in their homes, to think of resale. Depending on the long-term plan for your home, this might be good advice, but we need to stop and think about what makes us happy and creates joy within our living spaces.

Almond, bisque, white, and stainless steel appliances blend with cabinets, countertops, and flooring, which is appropriate in many designs. Still, appliances can also take a leading role in the kitchen. Sometimes, a spectacular hood design or range is exactly what a space needs. Form and function can blend cohesively within the kitchen when designed correctly.

For the last couple of years, we have seen the introduction of black stainless steel in the appliance world, with features such as fingerprint resistance and a smudge-proof finish. With the soft, brushed metal finish, it’s a great alternative in kitchen designs, and it may blend better than stainless steel. Manufacturers are now offering complete suites in black stainless, matte white, or matte black as an alternative to stainless steel at numerous price points for consumers.

Ranges and hoods can also introduce color and finishes that complement or impress.

Many companies give you thousands of appliance color choices or offer custom colors, so you can create a focal point and still have a functional piece. Imagine mixing a light aqua green with brushed brass, matte black with copper, or cobalt blue with polished nickel. The possibilities are endless, and you can let your imagination soar.

Some custom color creations come with a high price point and a long wait. To combat this, manufacturers are creating more color varieties in standard finishes. This provides an opportunity to show some personality without breaking the bank.

Before you assume that you can’t afford an appliance in a beautiful color, talk to an appliance specialist who will work with you and your kitchen designer to determine what is possible. You might be surprised.

As we continue to spend more time cooking, creating memories, and gathering in the kitchen, what better way to bring a little of ourselves into our space?