For 65 years, Cherry Point Farm & Market has existed near the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, just a mile and a half from Silver Lake and Little Point Sable in Shelby.

Marilyn Bull Bruins began selling fruit at a stand on the corner in 1950; in 1961 she baked her first cherry pie for sale at the market. Barbara Bull joined her sister Marilyn in 1962. The majority of items sold at the market are grown on site; the delectable jams, jellies, and baked goods are made fresh on the premises. While farming will always be number one at Cherry Point, Barbara began to realize they were seeing a shift toward consumer-oriented activities. She had long dreamt of having a way for visitors to share in the magic of this land she had treasured her whole life.

After attending a fish boil in Door County Wisconsin, Barbara realized this would be an amazing way to bring people together to enjoy a tradition of the Great Lakes that began over a century ago. A giant pot is placed over a blazing fire; guests chat and share stories while anticipation of the meal to come builds in the air. Once the water is at a boil, the process moves quickly; first to go in are the potatoes and spices, with the onions added a few minutes later. Lastly, it’s time for the whitefish, and then the spectacular sight of the “boil over” soon after that. Guests know it will soon be time to enjoy this delectable meal that includes homemade coleslaw and garlic toast, with the grand finale complements of Barbara’s cherry pie and ice cream.In 2001, after a discussion with an artist and architect, Barbara was

In 2001, after a discussion with an artist and architect, Barbara was inspired to create a place where guests could wander and enjoy the beauty of the farm. Soon, construction of a stone circle 150 feet in diameter and a stunning labyrinth was underway. An herb garden was added to the stone circle in 2004. The design of the herb garden is an ancient pattern known as a Vesica. It is believed that a Vesica is an area of harmony and balance. The pathways of the labyrinth are lined with aromatic lavender plants and offer a way to connect with the earth, moving you through one long continuous winding path from an outside point to an inside center space. The idea is that if you don’t have to think about where you put your feet, you can let go of all concerns and simply walk the path, allowing your mind to become open and receptive to new ideas and thoughts. A unique feature of this labyrinth is the bridge that allows guests to forgo walking the path to visit the herb garden and stone circle.

In 2016, several major news sources picked up an article featuring the labyrinth at Cherry Point. Soon, the article went viral, opening up a whole new world for Barbara and the staff of Cherry Point Farm. They look forward to the 2017 season and welcoming many new visitors from all over. Hopefully, I will be one of them!

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