We all know how it feels when we walk into a home, look around, and say (or think), “Wow, this is just so beautiful!” The colors blend perfectly; the patterned fabrics are in harmony; the furniture style is not overdone. The space looks so comfortable. Everything seems to be just right! The best-designed homes are exactly that. Just right!

Great design creates a cohesive look throughout the home, not room by room. Take your initial inspiration and color palette for your home and stay focused on that vision. Trying to incorporate too many Houzz or Pinterest board ideas or opinions from well-meaning family and friends can make for a crazy space. Don’t lose sight of the overall vision for your home, even if you’re designing or decorating just one room a year.

Maybe it is a fireplace design that you’ve always loved that acts as the foundation for the rest of your decor. Or perhaps it’s a chandelier that you’ve obsessed over, promising yourself that, one day, you would put it in your home. It could be a favorite fabric, a custom built-in headboard, or a color palette that you cannot wait to use. Take these ideas and build on them, like pieces to a puzzle. Just be sure to keep that starting idea in mind in every room, whether it is color, texture, tone, or style.

Here are some ideas and considerations for ways to ensure a wholistic design in your home.

A beautiful space begins in the heart of the home: the kitchen. Your color palette should begin in the kitchen and then flow throughout the home. You don’t need to use the exact colors everywhere, but they should be complementary and in the same color family. If you’re using a favorite light fixture in the kitchen, make sure it is not going to compete or overwhelm all of the other lighting in the house. If you choose to mix metal finishes in the kitchen, think about how to tie that to bathroom and door hardware. The worst decisions are the ones made quickly, so take your time with your choices.

What is the main focal point of your living room?  Is it your TV, your fireplace, a piece of art, or a gorgeous sofa? Make sure that these items are not challenging one another for attention, but rather, working together to enhance the overall look of the space.

The foundational elements in the living room should tie into the other rooms of your home, but have fun with accessories. Pillows, throws, or even a fun sculpture can add some whimsy and color contrast to the room without taking away from your home’s harmonious design.

There are some special considerations for fireplaces since a fireplace is always going to draw the eye, no matter what room it is in. Choose a surround that will make a statement. Is there a shape, hardware, or tile color in the kitchen that you love? Bring that into the fireplace surround to continue the design.

If you plan to use a large TV above your fireplace, be sure the scale of the firebox is not too small. Having one element much larger than the other is one of the quickest ways to throw the design out of whack.

Your master suite should be your sanctuary. This is one room that isn’t seen by guests, so it’s OK if it does not completely mesh with the rest of the home. Use your favorite colors, take your favorite classic tufted headboard and add a bold comforter. Give the room a twist, mixing some elements of a differing design style into your furnishings.

A wholistic approach to design remains classic and timeless, but that doesn’t mean boring. Stay focused, take caution with trends, and make the right choices for your lifestyle. You’ll enjoy your home and live in style for years to come!