Any good pet parent wants what’s best for a beloved animal, but let’s face it: pet toys scattered about the house don’t exactly convey refined décor. More and more homeowners are reimagining their pet’s wellbeing and entertainment and embellishing their homes with furry friends in mind. These stylish ideas bring a new flair to pet enrichment, with interior design in mind. 

The Art of Camouflage

If your dog is crate trained, you’re well aware that a crate can take up quite a bit of space, especially for larger breeds. A credenza that functions as a dog crate or bed uses your home’s available space efficiently by cleverly working it into the cabinetry. Think about those awkward, wasted spaces in your home, like that unused space under the stairs … the perfect spot for your dog’s own little room! A stylish crate or dog bed credenza is the perfect way keep your pooch comfy and add flair to any pet-centric home.

Consider a pocket door to contain an unsightly pet gate when not in use. Traditional pet gates are such a hassle to take down and put back up that some opt simply to leave it in place. But with a pocket door, the gate retracts into the wall, making it virtually unnoticeable. If you’ve ever dealt with extension rods leaving marks on your walls, you know how this feature could make life much easier, especially for those with a puppy.

With a bit of planning for a new space, unsightly food and water dishes can be kept out of sight in a lower portion of your kitchen cabinet or island. For even more convenience, have a faucet installed at the dish site for easy refilling of the water bowl.

And it goes without saying that nobody enjoys the sight of a litter box and accoutrements. Well-made litter box enclosures look exactly like a standard cabinet, but a discreet hole cut in the side allows your cat an inconspicuous entrance and exit. Wayfair has several stylish options that double as end tables, cabinet shelves, and benches.

A Bath of Their Own

Bath time probably doesn’t rank anywhere close to dinner time as your dog’s favorite activity. Keeping a pooch in the tub can be a struggle, and most would prefer that clinging fur not decorate tub and shower walls. Some homeowners have incorporated a pet salon-style grooming area into their laundry room, mudroom, or bathroom. A wash basin with a handheld faucet makes rinsing off simple, and, unlike a traditional bathtub, a door that swings or slides makes entry easy and ensures your sudsy pet won’t make a run for it. 

While many of these ideas are usually considered during the building of a home, a remodel or addition is also a perfect time to talk with a designer/builder.

Enrichment without Clutter

This one is an easy DIY option. Kitties have a natural instinct to climb, and a series of narrow floating shelves attached to your wall provides for endless entertainment. The layout can be done tastefully without compromising your home’s aesthetic, but, best of all, it can keep cats from climbing places they shouldn’t. 

If a cat tree is more your style, welcome to the new age of pet furniture! Carpeted cat trees, condos, towers, and mansions can be eyesores, but trendy new shapes in minimalist pastel hues put a chic and modern spin on the traditional. Hollywood Kitty Company has an Enchanted Forest Modular Collection that resembles trees covered in ivy, moss, and wisteria. Custom Cat Cribs will create almost anything your heart desires, with larger models running up to $1,000. Shopping for a cat tree is now a matter of style, so add that to your interior design plan. Clashing with your couch is a no-go.

Pets are such important parts of the family that it can make good sense to design your home with them in mind. Caring for beloved animals needn’t equate to an unsightly home. Innovations in style and design can be incorporated in a way that’s enjoyable for your pet and functional and convenient for you. These ideas are merely a starting point for those with an eye for design and a heart for animals. Your own pet-friendly creation might just be the next big thing.