Lighting Trends of 2023: What We Will See Next

Trends seem to repeat themselves, even ones we wish would stay away. In clothing, we are seeing the return of low-rise jeans and clogs, making my middle-school self scream. Home decor, though not as quick to cycle as our closets, has come full circle to land in the 1970s this season. 2023 will be the year of grandma’s house-chic, so let’s talk about the ways you can incorporate these nostalgia-filled themes into your home through lighting. 

The number-one comment I get in the lighting showroom is about how big the brass look is right now, and it’s definitely here to stay. The warm-toned finish started popping up in decor again around five years ago and has really taken over the market this year. You’ll see many variations on it, whether it’s brushed brass, aged brass, antique brass or even a type of gold. I love the warmth it can add to a space.

Changing just one or two fixtures to a brass finish will go a long way in an otherwise cold space. Long gone are the days of gray walls and all-white kitchens; this year rich, bold colors are in. Patterned wall coverings and throw pillows are the perfect way to achieve this trend on a budget. Try a bold color on the ceiling instead of a wall as a way to draw the eye upwards. 

Another trend straight from 1970 is natural materials. Brands are adding them to nearly everything, and it may be my favorite trend of the year. Things like rattan, rope, leather, cane and alabaster stone are many of the popular trends in lighting right now. What I love most about them is the versatility to work  with any decor style. Bohemian to Luxe, Beachy to Mid-Century, these natural materials will add a great level of texture without adding another print. Consider adding a stone table lamp or rattan pendants over the island to try out this trend.

Along with the organic textiles, embracing asymmetrical, organic curves will be all the rage. Blocky, square pieces are out and are being replaced with rounded sofas, funky Scandinavian-style chairs, and asymmetrical chandeliers. The Scandinavian influence doesn’t end with its architectural lines, but will also be found in oversized pieces. An XL chandelier in a living room, using two larger pendants over an island instead of three small, and big sconces outside for a dramatic entrance will fit nicely in a Scandanavian-styled home. 

To continue a dramatic look from the front door through the home, keep the greenery flowing. We’ve seen the trend of houseplants growing in the last couple of years, but in the coming season, plant motifs expand into home decor and lighting as well. 

The trend most specific to lighting is LED-integrated everything. Bulbs are quickly becoming a way of the past as new built-in LEDs give designers complete control over the look of a fixture. A feature that used to be reserved for only the ultra-modern style, it is now blurring the lines when used with a traditional or Mid-Century shape. We are going to see a huge decrease in Industrial and Farmhouse styles all across design which will mean very little rubbed bronze and wood in lighting. 

Without a doubt, 2023 will be the year for those of us who lean toward bold design. Loud patterned wallpaper, bold gem-toned paint and a stunning brass chandelier will forever be my love languages. But even for those who would just like to dip a toe, there are many great trends for this upcoming year to try out. No matter which you identify with, this year has one thing to say: grandma knew best.