Let Your Dishwasher do the Work

Dishwashers are often something we don’t really think about; they’re just something we use. We jokingly say that no matter how many features it has or how quiet it is, we still have to load it and unload it. While no manufacturer has figured out how a machine can perform that task, dishwashers do make life simpler and save us from hand- washing our dishes. 

Let the dishwasher do its intended job

Specialized jets, higher wash sprays and multiple spray arms create the best tools for washing your dishes. All you need to do is scrape off large food debris and everything else will be done by the dishwasher. This allows you to save time and water by not having to “wash” the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.

A newer feature in most dishwashers is the third rack, which is a great use of space. This rack sits at the top of the dishwasher and is used for silverware, small cups and serving utensils. Using this rack for silverware will allow you to remove the standard basket in your unit so that you have more usable space on the lower rack. 

Another nice feature is an adjustable upper rack that you can raise or lower with a simple lever on each side of the rack. This allows you to fit taller glasses or larger pots and pans on this rack so you can use the lower rack for plates and platters. Another nice feature of this rack is wine stem holders, generally located on both sides of the rack. Most of the time, it’s a plastic piece that flips down or lowers to securely hold wine glass stems. No more laying glasses down and hoping that the insides will get clean and dry. Many manufacturers are also adding a soft grip material in these holders so that the stems are more secure and don’t move around during the wash cycle. Other models have specialized jets that use a clip to secure water bottles, baby bottles or vases, which helps to direct the spray to the bottom of the bottles. Some models even have high-powered jets on the bottom rack for hard-to-clean items like casserole dishes. 

Do you hear that?

We’ve all been around dishwashers that made it impossible to hear anyone in the kitchen or even in the next room. We got into a habit of starting the dishwasher late at night so that we didn’t have to listen to it. Thankfully, those days are over and with so many choices of decibel levels – 39 being the quietest – conversations can continue in the kitchen and anywhere else. You can even run a quick cycle between dinner and dessert without any worries. 

With super-quiet dishwashers comes the concern of “how will I know when the dishwasher is done?” Many manufacturers have installed info lights that light up when the dishwasher is done, others have a display screen that reads“end” and follows with a few beeps. You don’t have to wonder anymore if your whisper-quiet dishwasher is still running or has completed all the cycles.

With all of these great new features, a new dishwasher in your home could exceed your expectations when helping out in the kitchen. Happy shopping!