Everyone can appreciate the importance of earning their keep and the satisfaction of a job well done. Discovering rewarding employment is a blessing, but this can be particularly challenging for people who must overcome special obstacles.

Do-All, Inc. is a private nonprofit corporation founded in 1965 designed to help special-needs individuals in Bay County lead self-sufficient lives.

As it provides employment training and support for those with special needs, Do-All is spearheading progress for persons with disabilities in creative ways. For example, the nonprofit runs its Do-Art Studio, which offers art classes that build skills and confidence. Individuals explore various mediums and help with duties that keep the art studio running smoothly.

Do-All also operates the Cat’s Meow store in Essexville, a resale store offering everything from colorful scarves to giant pieces of furniture. It also features an “upcycled” section.

Do-All’s ultimate goal is to help connect the individuals they support with employers in need of local talent. Crystal is a great example of someone who has benefited from Do-All’s services. After a month in the program and spending time with a Do-All Job Developer, Crystal got a job as a crossing guard. “It feels great to be back working,” she says. “I love being outdoors and helping the kids cross the street.”

“We know there is a shortage of talent right now in the workforce,” says Christopher Girard, president and CEO of Do-All, Inc. “We know that we have very capable individuals to fill those employment needs, and when we are able to connect employers with qualified and capable employees, everyone wins!”

Successes at Do-All are due in part to its affiliation with Incompass Michigan, a statewide network of comprehensive service providers working together to develop independence and achieve inclusive communities for those with disabilities or other barriers.

Incompass Michigan members provide employment services, job placement, job coaching, business services, skill-building, self-employment and microenterprise development, school-to-work transition, mental health services, peer mentoring, transportation, arts and recreation, respite care, and much more.  Their website features a job board where employers – whether members or not – list openings for full- and part-time jobs and internships.

Interested in helping Do-All make a difference in Bay County?

If you’d like to get involved, consider a monetary donation to Do-All via their website. In-kind donations are also appreciated. The organization recently posted a request for two minivans to transport individuals to work. Prospective donors are encouraged to visit Do-All’s Facebook page for a listing of current needs.

Do-All, Inc.
1465 W Center Road
Essexville, MI 48732
(989) 894-0712 l DoAllInc.org