Build It and They Will Come

The owner of this special home grew up immersed in basketball, thanks to her father who harbored a great love for the sport. First as a player and later as a coach, he instilled the same zest for the sport in his daughter, and she had always dreamed of having a full-size regulation court of her own. She realized the opportunity to build her dream and create an awe-inspiring legacy to her father after he died suddenly in 2006. Through this project, she is able to keep his memory close and believes it to be the perfect tribute to him.

The homeowner envisioned a place where she and her family could enjoy not only basketball but a wide variety of sports ― anything to keep screen time to a minimum and exercise and fun to a maximum. Having worked many times before with Nate and Brett Moeller and their incredibly talented team, these homeowners knew just where to turn to bring their dream to life.

With lots of discussion and plenty of research, the team decided on a Modern Barn style for the guest home, complete with cupolas and a large garage for extra parking and, of course, the attached gymnasium. It would all fit perfectly into the surroundings and be so much more than just a guest home. Plans were put in motion, and construction began.

“The Barn,” as it is lovingly referred to, is situated just a short walk from the main home. The Moeller team was excited to work on this one-of-a-kind project for these long-time clients. “How often do you get to build a regulation-size gymnasium attached to residential living space? Not often and most likely never!” said Nate. He considers it an honor to be involved in such a unique undertaking.

Of course, the most exciting part of the project for everyone involved is the gymnasium. It is a high school regulation-size court with a genuine hardwood floor and was installed by a company that is the master in basketball courts. The massively high roof with the usual “gym echo” when you walk in is a sight to behold. Moeller says that it feels like you are back in high school and ready to play some b-ball!

The homeowner envisions using the gym for basketball for her growing son and starting her own adult league at some point. She can imagine her son and his teammates practicing by day and she and her friends scrimmaging in the evenings. She wants to be “that home” – the house where all the kids want to go to play and hang out. In the future, they will consider adding additional sports options such as a volleyball net, batting cage, floor hockey, dodge ball, and even a pickleball court that could be set up for the winter. The possibilities are both endless and exciting.

Separating the living space from the gymnasium is a state-of-the-art workout room and locker room with one-way windows to allow viewing in the gym. “This is a great example of how Nate can look at a situation and come up with innovative ideas to make a space unique. We wanted mirrors on the wall, but Nate suggested glass – and not just your average glass. He came up with the idea to place the windows on a diagonal that matches the roofline for a truly distinctive look. The glass is also made to hold up to the abuse of the various sports balls it will likely come in contact with. “I love how they are always willing to jump in even when something is new to them. They always figure it out,” said the homeowner.

The living space’s open floor plan with high vaulted ceilings gives a look and feel of spaciousness. From the great room through to the dining area and beyond to the kitchen, exposed beams pop against the neutral earth tones and make people take a second look. The entire space is warm and inviting, due in part to the innovative in-floor heat. The kitchen features a large island that offers added seating and is convenient for entertaining. French doors open to a patio that is pure heaven in its serenity, inviting guests to sit and listen to the sounds of nature and offering a great place to relax after making it rain on the court. The entire space is a perfect set-up for entertaining family and friends.

“I cannot say enough great things about Nate, Brett, and the whole team. This is the third project we have had them on in the last several years. We keep going back to them because there has been an immediate connection. They are easy to talk to, and they make the entire process so straightforward. Every project will have some hiccups, but Nate just rolls with it, takes care of things, and moves on. We know the Moeller team will always come through with perfection.”

I think this sums it up perfectly: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt

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