Modern Comfort at Cascade Farms

It was time for a refresh.

When Mark and Jennifer Ellis pondered updates to their 30-year-old home in Cascade Farms, they thought they might improve upon the design with a kitchen and dining room remodel that would better accommodate family and friends.  

“With the age of the house, we needed some structural repairs and improvements,” Mark Ellis says. “We wanted to improve the living spaces, which included enlarging the dining room and front entry, enlarging the garage, and enlarging the kitchen.”

After a walkthrough consultation with Matt Reinsma of Bespoke Homes LLC, they started to dream much bigger. Soon, they were envisioning a whole house remodel that would bring a modern aesthetic to both the interiors and the exteriors.

“We wanted to update the finishes and spaces, as we plan to stay here,” Ellis says. 

With a vision from Mathison | Mathison architects, along with a plan from Bespoke Homes LLC, this five-bedroom, four-and-a-half bath home now showcases 4,700 square feet of fully renovated interiors and exteriors, incorporating smart technology and energy efficiency to bring the home into the future.

“The story here is about this transformation, how it went from this tired house built in the 1980s that had received multiple renovations, to one final renovation that corrected all past issues, brought it to current energy standards and beyond, and increased the level of comfort with the advanced HVAC system,” Reinsma says.

“We were there to make sure this home could be everything it could be. That’s just how we operate in general. These projects are not transactional for us. These are projects we take to heart. We want to find answers and solutions. We want to uncover hidden needs. We want to solve problems that other people couldn’t solve in the past, either because they were too difficult or they didn’t know how.”

The homeowners were eager to find solutions on how to improve the energy efficiency of the house. Thanks to new Pella windows, an updated HVAC system with a second furnace, improved insulation and the addition of solar panels, the home is now running at optimum efficiency.

“All of these measures to reduce our carbon footprint are important to us, as they impact our future and the future of our kids and their kids,” Ellis says.

Smart technology was implemented in all areas, from controlling the speeds of the heating and cooling systems to operating the whole home automation system, which controls lighting with the touch of a button.

“One of the largest design impact items is how you light the home. There is much more to lighting than meets the eye,” Reinsma says. “This particular house has a special lighting feature when you lower the light where the color actually changes. So at night, when you dim the lights, they don’t just get dimmer, they get warmer. It creates an atmosphere that is much different than if you just dim the lights. It has a real effect.” 

Interior Designer, Mellody K Posey of Partners in Design, was able to bring a cohesive modern design throughout the home. From the concrete fireplace surround to the sleek cabinetry and impressive light fixtures, the modern elements come together in a soothing color palette that creates flow. In the lower level, a kitchenette and seating area connects the space with the outdoor entertaining area. “There is a great deal of consistency throughout. They worked hard to keep it really classic yet modern. It has a timeless feel to it,” Reinsma adds.

Outside, an extensive pool and landscape remodel was implemented by JLH Landscapes. A new waterproof deck with cable rail was made using environmentally sustainable black locust wood. The entire exterior was re-sided using engineered wood with a pattern that consisted of five different reveals to give texture and interest.

Reinsma feels that the house is better suited to the lifestyle and needs of the homeowners both today and into the future.

“This overall remodel corrected any issues they were having. Basically, it’s a new house. We came up with a lot of really good design and technical solutions to make the house more comfortable, more aesthetically pleasing and uniform throughout.”

“We’re a boutique-style builder. The owner is involved in every project. We pour our heart into every project and do our best to identify needs,” Reinsma says. “We don’t want to leave a house until it has solved all of their problems and met all their needs and more.”