Patty Schattler and Michelle Klein worked well together in the corporate retail world – so well that they stayed in touch through social media after going their separate ways. After Klein saw some design projects that Schattler had posted, she suggested they consider collaborating in some way. When they sat down to discuss what a partnership might look like, they hatched a plan and a name, and Blu Ivy Home Décor was born.

Thankfully, both women had longstanding ties in the retail world, so they found a location and were able to move quickly to set up their new design store in Oxford. It took just two months from that first meeting in September 2018 to open Blu Ivy, and the two have since built an impressive following of loyal customers.

Blu Ivy is so much more than a furniture store. It’s all there, everything you can imagine in home décor, from unique lighting and area rugs to wall art, upholstery, pillows, window treatments, and even amazing gift ideas.

The store is set up in vignettes to create various design looks for the home and office. Each week Schattler and Klein rearrange the vignettes so that different pieces stand out. They might move a sofa and chair from the back of the store to the front and change out the end tables and lighting that were included in the display. It’s a great technique for helping customers visualize how different a piece can look just by changing up a couple of simple items. They enjoy showing customers how a small change in window coverings can bring a room alive or how new wall sconces can add a whole new light.

Blu Ivy offers both in-store and in-home design sessions so they can get to know their customers – likes, dislikes, and style preferences – as well as their main objectives for the space. Maybe their plan is to redo one room or update a space with new accents, or maybe they want to makeover their entire home or office building. Some customers simply need confirmation that they are making the right choices; others want help to narrow down ideas and formulate a step-by-step plan on how to proceed.

No matter what your needs might be – a simple but meaningful gift, a new piece of art, or a complete redesign – Schattler and Klein can supply just the right amount of assistance. It’s Blu Ivy’s mission to provide the most amazing customer service around.

Blu Ivy Home Décor
11 South Washington
Oxford MI 48371
(248) 572-7502 l BluIvyDesign.com