Quick Change Tablescapes Throughout the Holidays

Almost universally, Autumn stirs something in our souls. We are compelled to hunker down in preparation for this season of gatherings. Even though we are filled with anticipation, the stream of celebration events has the potential for high anxiety — especially when you are hosting. 

To ease some of your holiday entertaining stress, we have designed a quick-change table-scape idea that will help you easily transition from one celebration to the next. Ours is one example, but you may want to alter it to fit your table needs and personal style. 

Before you start: Remember not to make the centerpiece so tall as to block conversation across the table. 

Foundation: We start with a neutral wreath or garland that has a multiseason appeal. In this example, we found an affordable twig and silk silver dollar eucalyptus wreath that we layered onto a burlap table runner. With this foundation, it is easy to change out the elements to create a new vibe for each event. Tip: To cut down on cost, consider using items cut from your own garden or inexpensive craft store finds. 


Try sunflowers, mums, raffia and dried grasses. Warm harvest colors and natural elements such as woodland creatures, pinecones, gourds and river pebbles will help to round out a fall-centric atmosphere.


Swap out your fall elements to include fun bright colors that are associated with this holiday. Apple green and red, peppermint candy, shiny elements and wired ribbon will invoke a perfect festive feeling.  

New Year’s Eve

Create an elegant vibe by adding soft matte golds, sparkly elements and whites. Adding candles makes this change simple and elegant. Tip: Scented candles may alter the flavor of food you are serving. You will want to opt for unscented candles in a dining area.

Adding a little pretty to your life is not serious business. Relax and let your creativity flow or copy an inspiration photo. After all, holidays are for creating cherished memories with those we love.