There is nothing better than summertime in Michigan. With gorgeous weather, beaches that make you feel like you're on the ocean, and an endless list of things to do, it's hard to argue. Having grown up here, I always think of a few of the same things when I think of Michigan summers – grilling, beaches, boating, long holiday weekend up north, farmers markets, adventures, vibrant green grass, blue skies, and the water. Oh, the water.
In this issue, we tried to encapsulate all of the amazing things that Michigan summers have to offer – both indoors and out. With various grill articles and recipes, to a crowd-pleasing poolside playlist, we challenge you to try and stay indoors. Take your copy of Michigan HOME and Lifestyle outside on your spruced-up-for-summer deck or patio from Tylor Devereaux's Outdoor Décor tips, and daydream about your next remodel with our inspirational idea boards.
We encourage you to stay outdoors and join in our excitement for the launch of our new publication, Michigan OUTDOOR Lifestyle. In the back of this issue, you'll get a glimpse of what's to come this fall and you'll soon be entrenched in everything that Michigan's great outdoors has to offer – both individually and with family or friends.
We're humbled to have such an amazing following for Michigan HOME and Lifestyle who continue to support us. It's because of loyal followers like you that we're able to explore these new endeavors and continue to bring more and more awareness about how incredible Michigan really is. To you, we are grateful.
Here's to another unforgettable Michigan summer. I'll see you on the water!

Laura Scott


Grilling Guide
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Outdoor Decor: Featuring Tylor Devereaux
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Summer Sipping Wines
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Idea Boards
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Winters Wrath on Turf
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Lobster Tacos & Jicama Slaw
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Louis Benton

Pecan Witefish, Cherry Amaretto Sauce
Apache Trout Grill
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